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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Logos in the Bhagavad Gita

First Logos 
Unconscious Universal Mind. 
Neither the assemblage of the Gods nor the Adept Kings know my origin, because I am the origin of all the Gods and of the Adepts.4 
The great Brahman is . . . my womb in which I place the seed; from that . . . is the production of all existing things. This great Brahman is the womb for all those various forms which are produced from any womb, and I am the Father who provideth the seed.5 
I am the embodiment of the Supreme Ruler, and of the incorruptible, of the unmodifying, and of the eternal law, and of endless bliss.
Second Logos 
Conscious Universal Mind. 
I am the father and the mother of this universe, the grandsire and the preserver; I am the goal, the Comforter, the Lord, the Witness, the resting place, the asylum, and the Friend; I am the origin and the dissolution, the receptacle, the storehouse, and the eternal seed.1 
I enter the earth supporting all living things by my power, and I am that property of sap which is taste, nourishing all the herbs and plants of the field. Becoming the internal fire of the living, I associate with the upward and downward breathing, and cause the four kinds of food to digest.

Third Logos 
Conscious Individualised Mind. 
So in former days, the seven great Sages and the four Manus who are of my nature were born of my mind, and from them sprang this world. He who knoweth perfectly this permanence and mystic faculty of mine becometh without doubt possessed of unshaken faith.3 
It is even a portion of myself which, having assumed life in this world of conditioned existence, draweth together the five senses and the mind in order that it may obtain a body and may leave it again.4 
I am in the hearts of all men, and from me come memory, knowledge, and also the loss of both.




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