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By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Mulaprakriti or Noumenon of Matter is a veil thrown over Parabrahman

Mulaprakriti is a condition of Nirvana, 
[It] is Undifferentiated. Not dead, as Purusha — the one life — always exists in it. Not temporary but eternal. When subject to changes it always loses its name, reassuming it after returning to its original undifferentiated condition. Not partial but co-extensive with space. Eternally exists in the universe in whatever Avastha (state or condition) a particular human being may be.1 . . . Instead of being identical with Avidya, implies the absence of Avidya. It is the highest state of non being — the condition of Nirvana.

A sort of veil thrown over Parabrahman, and the cognisable asspect of it. 
Mulaprakriti . . . means simply the undifferentiated element. Nevertheless Parabrahman seems to be the one foundation for all physical phenomena, or for all phenomena that are generally referred to Mulaprakriti. . . . Were it not for this essence [of Parabrahman], there could be no physical body. But these attributes do not spring from Parabrahman itself, but from Mulaprakriti which is its veil; Mulaprakriti is the veil of Parabrahman. It is not Parabrahman itself, but merely its appearance. It is purely phenomenal.3 It is no doubt far more persistent than any other kind of objective existence. Being the first mode or manifestation of the only absolute and unconditioned reality, it seems to be the basis of all subsequent manifestations. . . . Krishna says that the whole cosmos is pervaded by it . . .

Mulaprakriti is Ultimate Matter, ever pulsating in the shoreless Ocean of Life 1 and the physical world. No Energy or Force without Matter, no Matter without Force, Energy or Life — however latent. But this ultimate Matter is — Substance or the Noumenon of matter.2 Thrilled by the last vibration of the Seventh Eternity (First Logos), 3 Mulaprakriti brings forth a wondrous miracle. 
“This is a Mystery that to this day was sealed and hidden. Nature 4 being mingled with Man 5 brought forth a wondrous miracle; the harmonious commingling of the essence of the Seven [Pitris, governors] and her own; the Fire and the Spirit and Nature [the noumenon of matter]; which [commingling] forthwith brought forth seven men of opposite sexes [negative and positive] according to the essences of the seven governors.”

It is the Cosmic Noumenon of Matter and metaphysical basis of the Intelligent Operations of Nature. 
Cosmic Ideation, MAHAT or Intelligence, the Universal World-Soul, the Cosmic Noumenon of Matter, the basis of the intelligent operations in and of Nature, also called MAHABUDDHI.

Only Logos knows Mulaprakriti. 
“PROPATOR is known but to the only-begotten Son . . . that is to the mind” (nous).



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