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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

O Lanoo, listen to the Voice of the Heart Doctrine

1 Now, therefore, I shall try to explain the meaning of Bhakti. This Supreme . . . within whom all creatures are included and by whom all this is pervaded, may be attained by a devotion which is intent on him alone.

2 Bhakti is, indeed, the highest state of [Devotional] Love of This 2 [asmin]. I am to be approached and seen and known in truth by means of that devotion which has me alone as the object.

3 It is the very essence of the Ocean of Immortality [amrita]. 4 For those who worship me, renouncing in me all their actions, regarding me as the supreme goal and meditating on me alone, if their thoughts are turned to me . . . I presently become the saviour from this ocean of incarnations and death.
By this [supreme] devotion to me, he knoweth fundamentally who and what I am and, having thus discovered me, he enters into me without any intermediate condition.

4 Upon reaching Bhakti, one becomes consummate, omnipotent [siddha], 7 immortal, self-satisfied. The wise man, whom [the senses] disturb not and to whom pain and pleasure are the same, is fitted for immortality.
But the man, who only taketh delight in the Self within, is satisfied with that and content with that alone, hath no selfish interest in action.

5 Upon attaining Bhakti, one disengages from [the primordial Opposing Forces of] pleasure and pain, attraction and repulsion, love and hate; and can no longer take delight in, or feel passionate about, worldly affairs. He abandoneth the desire to see a reward for his actions, is free, contented, and upon nothing dependeth, and although engaged in action he really doeth nothing.

6 Upon experiencing Bhakti, one becomes elated yet silent; and, at times, totally engrossed in the bliss of the Supreme Self [atman]. 3 And he, my servant, who worships me with exclusive devotion, having completely overcome the qualities, is fitted to be absorbed in Brahma the Supreme.




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