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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Out Of The Silence By James Rhoades

Lo! in the vigils of the night, ere sped The first bright arrows from the Orient shed, The heart of Silence trembled into sound, And out of Vastness came a Voice, which said:

I am alone; thou only art in Me: I am the stream of Life that flows through thee: I comprehend all substance, fill all space: I am pure Being, by whom all things be.

I am thy Dawn, from darkness to release: I am the Deep, wherein thy sorrows cease: Be still! be still! and know that I am God: Acquaint thyself with Me, and be at peace!

I am the Silence that is more than sound: If therewithin thou lose thee, thou art found: The stormless, shoreless Ocean, which is I — Thou canst not breathe, but in its bosom drowned.

I am all Love: there is naught else but I: I am all Power: the rest is phantasy: Evil, and anguish, sorrow, death, and hell — These are the fear-flung shadows of a lie.

Arraign not Mine Omnipotence, to say That aught beside in earth or heaven hath sway! The powers of darkness are not: that which is Abideth: these but vaunt them for a day.

Know thou thyself: as thou hast learned of Me, I made thee three in one, and one in three — Spirit and Mind and Form, immortal Whole, Divine and undivided Trinity.

Seek not to break the triple bond assigned Mind sees by Spirit: Body moves by Mind: Divorced from Spirit, both way-wildered fall — Leader and led, the blindfold and the blind.

Look not without thee: thou hast that within, Makes whole thy sickness, impotent thy sin: Survey thy forces, rally to thyself: That which thou would’st not hath no power to win

I, God, enfold thee like an atmosphere: Thou to thyself wert never yet more near: Think not to shun Me: whither would’st thou fly? Nor go not hence to seek Me: I am here.



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