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By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The One Becomes Two Ones: Parabrahman and Logos

There now follows a selection of extracts, also from The Secret Doctrine, where HP Blavatsky emends the double mystery of trinity and immaculate conception. Cosmogenesis cannot be grasped philosophically without an approximation of how the Darkness of Unconsciousness is illumined by the Light of Consciousness. Here is how Blavatsky describes certain cosmic events that occur immediately after the “reawakening of Cosmic Ideation concurrently with the emergence of Cosmic Substance”:

Then, absolute wisdom mirrors itself in its Ideation; which, by a transcendental process, superior to and incomprehensible by human Consciousness, results in Cosmic Energy (Fohat). Thrilling through the bosom of inert Substance, Fohat impels it to activity, and guides its primary differentiations on all the Seven planes of Cosmic Consciousness. 1 . . . When the “Divine Son” breaks forth, then, Fohat becomes the propelling force, the active Power which causes the ONE to become TWO and THREE — on the Cosmic plane of manifestation. The triple ONE differentiates into the many, and then Fohat is transformed into that force which brings together the elemental atoms and makes them aggregate and combine.

The Primordial Substance 3 had not yet passed out of its precosmic latency into differentiated objectivity . . . But, as the hour strikes and it becomes receptive of the Fohatic impress of the Divine Thought (the Logos . . . ) — its heart opens. It differentiates, and the THREE (Father, Mother, Son) are transformed into four. Herein lies the origin of the double mystery of Trinity 4 and the immaculate 5 conception.6 . . . The union of these three principles 7 depends upon a fourth — the LIFE which radiates from the summits of the Unreachable, to become an universally diffused Essence on the manifested planes of Existence.

And this QUATERNARY (Father, Mother, Son, as a UNITY, and a quaternary, as a living manifestation) has been the means of leading to the very archaic Idea of Immaculate Conception, now finally crystallised into a dogma of the Christian Church, which carnalised this metaphysical idea beyond any common sense.1 . . . The immaculate VirginMother, . . . is overshadowed, not impregnated, by the Universal MYSTERY — when she emerges from her state of Laya or undifferentiated condition.

The Three Live Within The One
Saith the Great Law: “In order to become the KNOWER of ALL SELF, thou hast first of SELF to be the knower.” 
To reach the knowledge of that SELF, thou has to give up Self to Non-Self, Being to Non-Being, and then thou canst repose between the wings of the GREAT BIRD. Aye, sweet is rest between the wings of that which is not born, nor dies, but is the AUM throughout eternal ages. — The Voice of the Silence 
Key aspects of the primal trinity of AUM will now be amplified 4 and their roots within Parabrahm highlighted, so that any remaining uncertainties about the true philosophical basis of life are dispelled, and the subtle differences between Two, Three, and Four become much clearer, i.e.,
• The duality of Spirit-Matter, as understood by the profane.
 • The duality made a ternary by the hidden Monad, as fathomed by the mystic. 
• The ternary transformed to quaternary when the potentiality concealed in Matter is fulfilled by Spirit, as explained by the occultist.

A U M A + U+M 1 within Parabrahman Archetypes (gender) Father (male) Mother (female) Son (neuter) The Three in One 2 Consciousness (quaternary) Wakeful state (1st quarter) Dream state (2nd quarter) Deep sleep (3rd quarter) Turiya 3 (4th quarter) Cosmic rays Self (atman) Non-Self (an-atman) Their bond and relation (nisheda) The forever concealed triune differentiation within Bird of Life (kala-hamsa) 4 Brahma (right wing) The real kala-hamsa Prakriti (left wing) Brahman (tail) Hamsa and a-hamsa Parabrahman (head)


Logos ever expands

When the hour strikes, Kama-Eros — his arrows of desire being the piercing, “informing, vivifying, impelling, evolving cause” 1 — breaks forth as the Light of Logos (Fohat) poised to reveal Unconscious Divine Thought, a Son of Necessity (Heavenly Man), to the perception of self-consciousness. Or Higher-Manas lighting up lower-manas, the earthly man.
. . . the One Great UNIT (the Logos), which is Itself the seven-vowelled sign, the Breath crystallised into the WORD. 2 
As individuality is rendered more and more definite, and becomes more and more differentiated from other individualities by man’s own surroundings, and the intellectual and moral impulses he generates and the effect of his own Karma, the principles of which he is composed become more defined.3

The progressive differentiation of Logos according to the Gita is presented below and examined in the light of The Secret Doctrine in the compilation that follows immediately after.



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