Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

What The Voice is not

• It is not objective, i.e., external. 
• It is not one of man’s seven principles..
 • It is not Parabrahman or Absoluteness. 
• It is not Christianity’s “Guardian Angel” 1 though our innermost conscience, “God’s vicegerent in the soul,” will protect us from ourselves if we obey its behests. 
• It is not the Lady in The Idyll of White Lotus. 2 The former is our spiritual soul that may forestall The Voice by giving information. 
• It is not “the voice of conscience,” 3 a fanciful storehouse of all human experience.

Of True and False Singing A little wild bird sometimes at my ear Sings his own verses very clear: Others sing louder that I do not hear. For singing loudly is not singing well; But ever by the song that’s soft and low The master-singer’s voice is plain to tell. Few have it, and yet all are masters now, And each of them can trill out what he calls His ballads, canzonets, and madrigals. The world with masters is so covered o’er, There is no room for pupils any more. 5



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