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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Who Speaks With A Still Small Voice

Light on the Path 
Know . . . that those who have passed through the silence, and felt its peace and retained its strength, they long that you shall pass through it also.1 The knowledge which is now yours is only yours because your soul has become one with all pure souls and with the inmost. It is a trust vested in you by the Most High. . . . Therefore look forward always with awe and trembling to this moment, and be prepared for the battle.2 . . . Hold fast to that which has neither substance nor existence. Listen only to the voice which is soundless.

Voice of the Silence
In the Northern Buddhist symbology, Amitabha or “Boundless Space” (Parabrahm) is said to have in his paradise two Bodhisattvas — Kuan-shih-yin and Tashishi 4 — who ever radiate light over the three worlds 5 where they lived, including our own, in order to help with this light (of knowledge) in the instruction of Yogis, who will, in their turn, save men. Their exalted position in Amitabha’s realm is due to deeds of mercy performed by the two, as such Yogis, when on earth, says the allegory.



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