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Compassion - The Spirit of Truth

By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

With subdued heart place all thy works on Me

34 Teachers of Ethics [acharyas] have described certain [mental] processes 5 that can elicit Bhakti.
35 Bhakti can be called forth: [1] by letting go of sensual gratifications of any kind [including personal desires and interests]; [2] by progressive detachment from mundane pursuits [whether material or mental].
Imbued with pure discrimination, restraining himself with resolution, having rejected the charms of sound and other objects of the senses, and casting off attachment and dislike . . . a man is fitted to be the Supreme Being.
36 [3] by continuous adoration of That [uttered in deeds of altruistic service to all beings]. With thy heart place all thy works on me, prefer me to all else, exercise mental devotion continually, and think constantly of me.
37 [4] by hearing 2 and singing the glory of the Lord [bhagavat]3 while still living in the [manifested] world [and for the world]. Fixed in unbroken vows they worship, everywhere proclaiming me and bowing down to me.
38 [5] by the Compassion [kripa]5 of the Mahatmans [Great Souls] in the first place; and [6] by the Compassion of the Lord [bhagavat] to a lesser degree. Take sanctuary with him alone with all thy soul; by his grace, thou shalt obtain supreme happiness, the eternal place.
39 It is exceptionally difficult for one to come into contact with Mahatmans. [Their benevolent embrace of the world is subtle and inscrutable. But if contact is established] Their influence becomes unerringly effective.1 In whatever form a devotee desires with faith to worship, it is I alone who inspire him with constancy therein, and depending on that faith he seeks the propitiation of that God, obtaining the object of his wishes as is ordained by me alone.
40 [Association with a Mahatman] can be accomplished only by the Compassion [kripa] of That.
41 Since there is no real difference between the Lord and His devotees [Bhakti can be aroused through either]. Know also that I am the Knower in every mortal body; that knowledge which through the soul is a realization of both the known and the knower is alone esteemed by me as wisdom.
42 Try, try to live for the Supernal Lord and His living manifestations [by humanitarian service through self-denial]. 4 Place thy heart upon me as I have declared myself to be, serve me, offer unto me alone, and bow down before me alone, and thou shalt come to me; I swear it, for thou art dear to me.



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