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Egyptian Magic

By E. A. Wallis Budge

In the ancient world the magicians and priests of Egypt were legendary for their advanced magical powers. This book contains a complete record of the magical workings in ancient Egypt. In large part, there was no separation between religion and their sorcery and magic. The spells, rituals and incantations used were sometimes used on other people but were primarily focused on controlling the gods - who could then bestow a better life upon the people if all went well. Some subjects covered include the oldest known magical practices in Egypt, magical stones or amulets, spells, magical ceremonies, demonic possession, ghosts, lucky and unlucky days, casting horoscopes, the worship of animals, the magic of sounds, the use of wax images, curses, warding off hostile magic, and much more. Contains many excerpts from powerful magical papyri and tomb inscriptions, plus complete magical formulas both in English and in using the original Egyptian sounds as best as they can be recreated. Highly recommended for those researching the origins of magic or who wish to practice older methods from a mysterious and legendary culture from the past.

Title Page
Chapter I. Antiquity of Magical Practices in Egypt
Chapter II. Magical Stones or Amulets
Chapter III. Magical Figures
Chapter IV. Magical Pictures and Formulæ, Spells, Etc.
Chapter V. Magical Names
Chapter VI. Magical Ceremonies
Chapter VII. Demoniacal Possession, Dreams, Ghosts, Lucky and Unlucky Days, Horoscopes, Prognostications, Transformations, and the Worship of Animals


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