Five Messages from H.P. Blavatsky to the American Theosophists

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Five Messages from H.P. Blavatsky to the American Theosophists

By H.P. Blavatsky

Fore w o r d

IN REPRINTING these five Letters of H. P. Blavatsky, addressed to American Theosophists in 1888, 1889, 1890, and 1891, the Publishers beg to draw the attention of the reader to the very instructive application, made by the author, of Theosophical truths to the peculiar conditions of our American civilization. H. P. Blavatsky understood America because she loved America. In one of the Letters she writes: “Your great country which I love for its noble freedom . . . .and of which country I myself am proud of being a citizen.” This loving understanding of the American culture and temperament in the light of the marvelous knowledge which was hers, has graciously provided for the students of Theosophy everywhere in the world, but more especially in America, hints, warnings, suggestions and, above all, inspiration for their labor on behalf of the Sacred Cause.

    Theosophy commands us to work for Humanity; that service is of a particular character; its nature is spiritual; the method whereof is two-fold: (1) to watch the steps of erring humanity and erect sign posts against certain pitfalls; (2) to hold aloft the beacon light of Instruction which cheers the weary Pilgrim and inspires him to make his very own the Power which is Peace, and the Service which is Joy. These Letters exhort us to spiritual service; warn us against the dangers of religious bigotry, rank materialism and crass selfishness, but above all against the dangers of an ever-growing psychic craze manifesting on this Continent under the inexorable sway of Karmic and cyclic law; they further show the true path and with reiteration insist that “the Ethics of Theosophy are more important than any divulgement of psychic laws and facts ;“ and last but not least, they kindle in the heart that Sacred Fire which is capable of reducing to dross and ashes the materiality of worldly desires. They burn with the light and warmth of a fragrant flame in benediction for all who may hear and heed.

    In these days of constant struggles of many and diverse kinds, when a myriad remedies are suggested and advocated for our ills physical and psychical, moral and mental, but failure chases failure and discontentment is the lot of men; in these days of penury and woe when all suffer from starvation, some physical, others spiritual; when many philosophies endeavor to interest, to teach and to uplift, with despair as their final outcome; in these days when men and women puzzled by the strange working of Mother Nature, forsaking her run after quacks learned and unlearned, courting disappointment and disease of mind and soul—these wonderful Messages of one whose wisdom and compassion stirred her to point the finger of warning and at the same time to stretch out the hand of fellowship and sure guidance, ought to be read, studied; nay, meditated upon.

    To the students of Theosophy in America, these Letters are of special value and significance at the present time. In conducting their own lives and tasks as well as in helping their fellow men in all fields of activity, they will receive from these thoughtful and stirring words real help themselves, and that of an unique character.

    We cannot close this Foreword without offering grateful homage to him whose loyalty and labor called forth these Messages for us all—Wm. Q. Judge. When H. P. Blavatsky left New York for India, he remained behind in the darkness of America; from 1878 to 1886 he worked in loneliness and obscurity. Then the hour of his mission struck, and in two years more there were hundreds and hundreds to share the Messages, to listen to the battle-call ringing from the East in words of majesty and power. The passing of the years has tested and approved the work of William Q. Judge as they have verified the worth of these Messages—messages which proclaim the Master Theosophist of the Nineteenth Century.




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