Mankind United

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Mankind United

By Arthur Bell


This book has been published by The Pacific Coast Division of The International Registration Bureau, as a means of answering the public's many questions regarding the startling discoveries and ambitious plans of the Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration.


The above questions are now being asked by "thinking people" in all parts of the world, who desire to be correctly informed upon a subject which is rapidly attracting international attention.

Unless those to whom this explanatory bulletin is presented, have spent some millions of dollars in agricultural, industrial, political or general economic research, and some years of time in world travel, many of the discoveries described herein may seem difficult to believe or to accept. However, we ask the men and women who read these pages, to bear in mind that MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND YEARS OF TIME HAVE BEEN SPENT BY OUR RESEARCH BUREAU FOR THE PURPOSE OF OBTAINING "THE FACTS" UPON WHICH ITS STATEMENTS ARE PREDICATED. These facts are the demonstrable findings of an international staff of economists and research experts, who are fully prepared to prove them to the world in the manner and at the time specified herein. Their warnings, recommendations and promises, deserve the careful consideration of the world's most "ENLIGHTENED THINKERS," and it is primarily for them that this information has been prepared.

Inasmuch as the program of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, is one of almost indescribably vast extent, it would be quite impossible to impart a full understanding of its practical operations in this small volume. We therefore ask that you reserve your judgment regarding the practicability of the plans, which are but briefly described, until the conclusion of our Research Department's International 30-day proclamation and program mentioned herein. However, after you have carefully studied the following pages, you should have no difficulty in judging the "IDEALS OF SERVICE" for which we stand. If these ideals are such that you feel warranted in extending us your good will and moral support, then we ask that you most alertly guard against permitting skepticism, doubt or distrust, to enter your thought because of a possible inability to understand how the startling results we promise, can be brought to pass. Moving pictures, lectures, radio-broadcasts and printed reports, will be made available to you—"without cost"—for your examination and consideration during The Institute's worldwide 30-day program. We therefore request that you keep constantly in mind, during your perusal of this bulletin, the oft-repeated fact, that  *"There is a principle, which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance; this principle is—Contempt—Prior to Examination."

While granting us your undivided and unbiased thought during the time you are scanning these pages, it will be well to occasionally recall the present-day widely-accepted fact, that unless the industrious and clear-thinking people of this earth quickly awaken to the seriousness of world conditions, and the necessity of immediately uniting their efforts towards the establishment of an economic system capable of guaranteeing freedom from wars and constant rumors of wars, to the citizens of all nations, and also an assurance of universal financial security, employment and opportunities for self-improvement,—mankind's freedom of thought, speech and action, will soon be relinquished in favor of the autocratic rule of a small handful of dictators with ambition to rule the human race and control its destiny for their own selfish benefit, and with but slight consideration for the welfare of anyone else.

In times of stress and economic confusion, people voluntarily forfeit their rights to freedom of thought, speech and action, into the hands of almost anyone who will promise them food and the temporary provision of their material requirements. The subversive influences which have for generations been secretly in control of world affairs, and which have from well behind the scenes of government and major industries largely controlled human activities and our world's resources, have constantly sought ways and means of placing the world's citizens "under their complete and absolute autocratic control." Wars have been planned and executed by them and numerous depressions have occurred solely as the result of their manipulations, in order that through the effects of fear and despair, mankind might willingly relinquish their birthright of freedom into the hands of those able,—through political avenues,—to temporarily provide the necessities of life.

It is the purpose of this bulletin to partly uncover the causes of the present depression, and the method by which it is being continued in preparation for another world war; a war the principal object of which will not be "profits," but instead, the extermination of some four hundred million (400,000,000) of the world's educated, religious, and intelligently industrious citizens.

The following pages also describe the many discoveries and carefully prepared plans of the Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, and the means by which their acceptance and use, by not less than two hundred million(200,000,000) clear-thinking men and women, will not only prevent the approaching civilization-destroying war, but also, without bloodshed or revolution, disband the world's armies and navies, and literally change their cannon and swords into ploughshares; plans by which wars and rumors of wars will not only cease to be, but will never again come within the power of human beings to plan or cause. Finally, you will learn of steps now being taken, which will guarantee every man, woman and child on earth,—during this and all future generations,—lifelong financial independence,—the development of individual talents,—leisure,—and literally unlimited opportunities for free world travel and self-improvement.

Lincoln reminded the American people that "A house divided against itself cannot stand," and he preserved the unity of a great nation. The Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, requests the privilege of offering to the people of our age, a 30-day program of its discoveries. Discoveries which will bring about the rebuilding of the nations of the earth, and will force mankind to answer two profoundly important questions; the answers to which will spell either the doom of one more civilization,—lost through human bigotry, selfishness, cruelty and greed,—or will usher in and permanently establish universal peace, security, confidence, and "A United International Brotherhood." Mankind today have the privilege of accepting one of two alternatives: First—to permit the world to continue "arming to the teeth" and preparing day and night for war and the legalized murder of over four hundred million (400,000,000) of its educated citizens, or—Second—to encourage two hundred million (200,000,000) clear-thinking industrious men and women to form into one vast Universal Service Corporation and Protective Association, capable of guaranteeing every man and woman on this earth, a lifetime of financial independence, freedom of thought, speech and constructive action, and powerful enough to put an end to the causes of both war and poverty. It should not be difficult for you to decide upon the second alternative after reading the following pages, inasmuch as we neither ask you to take risks nor to make sacrifices of a dangerous or hazardous nature, yet we offer you an opportunity for which billions upon billions of people have prayed throughout all of the countless centuries of human history.

Again permit us to remind you that the following brief explanation of discoveries, plans and recommendations, will only enable you to pass judgment upon the "Ideals" of the revolutionary world-wide movement which this bulletin describes, and that you must not expect to find sufficient information herein to fully explain the many features relative to the practical operation of the International Business facilities to which we refer,—any more than you would expect a volume of this size to enable you (without previous preparation or experience) to comprehend the numerous factors relative to the construction of a great locomotive or its operation. However, you will gain a glimpse of the magnitude of the program of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration, and you will be led to form a conclusive judgment, and an acceptance or rejection of the "Ideals" for which it stands. If those ideals are acceptable to you, and if you believe that our world has a sufficient number of efficient executives,—highly-trained and expert workers,—enough inventions, machinery and unused resources—("IF UNSELFISHLY and INTELLIGENTLY CO-ORDINATED")—to uproot poverty and guarantee financial security and abundant leisure, to every man, woman and child on this planet, then we ask that you bring The Institute's 30-day program to the attention of your friends and acquaintances.

In order that you may more readily retain a clear understanding of the subject matter contained herein, we strongly recommend that you arrange to read this bulletin during not to exceed a three-day period. It will require a total of approximately seven hours of your time.

The International Registration Bureau
Pacific Coast Division      


The frequent use herein, of the words "Bulletin" and "Explanatory Bulletin," when referring to this volume, has been adopted because of the fact that the contents hereof constitute the first of a series of official proclamations or "Bulletins" which are to be released to the public by the Research Department of The International Institute of Universal Research and Administration. The remainder of said series will be released during our 30-day program which this book fully describes.



—Proverbs 9:9

ix:* Herbert Spencer



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