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The Meaning of Masonry

By W.L. Wilmhurst

Bro. Wilmhurst was a dedicated Masonic scholar who decided that his service to humanity in general and to his beloved Craft of Freemasonry in particular was to embark on the authorship of numerous educational Masonic tomes. His body of work was specifically designed to illuminate the forgotten implications of Masonic symbolism and the long lost interpretations of its moral philosophy. Originally comissioned by his lodge to write a series of essays Wilmhurst was inspired to continue this work and published his thoughts as a series of highly regarded books. Countless Brethren since its authorship in 1922 have had their Masonic experience enriched by Bro. Wulmhurst's The Meaning of Masonry and it has formed the backbone of many a Masonic curriculum.  For anyone, initiated or otherwise, who would wish to better understand the driving currents of Masonic philosophy that have swept up some of the greatest minds of history, Wilmhurst's The Meaning of Masonry is essential to such a quest and will cast light on many shadows.

Title Page
I. The Deeper Symbolism of Freemasonry
II. Masonry as a Philosophy
III. Further Notes on Craft Symbolism
IV. The Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem
V. Freemasonry in Relation to the Ancient Mysteries



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