Modifications of Consciousness

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Modifications of Consciousness

By C.A. Bartzokas

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Our Study Notes is a growing online collection of Theosophical articles, compilations, analyses, and commentaries by ancient and modern thinkers; plus presentations, charts, diagrams, and drawings by several hands. Their purpose is to aid individual as well as group study. The diligent student will be able to derive considerable benefit by testing his understanding of Theosophy against our series, particularly those pertaining to the philosophical basis of the three fundamental propositions of The Secret Doctrine.

• For an anthology on Consciousness, and the difference between Higher and Lower Conscience, see Appendix I in: C.A. Bartzokas (Comp. & Ed.). Compassion: the Spirit of Truth (2009); pp. 369-76. 
• For the nature of the seven States of Consciousness on the objective, terrestrial plane, i.e. globe D, see “Eastern and Kabbalistic Cosmogonies are Identical,” in our Secret Doctrine’s First Proposition Series (after The Secret Doctrine, Vol. I p. 200). 
• For the States of Consciousness on the astral prakritic plane, see “Drawing 1 - Forces and States of Consciousness,” in our Buddhas and Initiates Series (after Blavatsky Collected Writings, E.S. INSTRUCTION No. IV, Vol. XII pp. 660-67). 
• Also consult “Etymology of Consciousness,” in our Secret Doctrine’s First Proposition Series, and “The Law of Karma is Unknown and Unknowable,” in our Second Proposition’s Series.



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