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Mysteries of the Qabalah

By Elias Gewurz

Explanatory Note on the Letters

The uses to which this science of the Hieroglyphical meaning of the Hebrew letters can be put are manifold. First and foremost, by its aid the student can reinterpret the Scriptures for himself by analyzing each word and then synthesizing the meanings of the letters entering into the composition of the word he wishes to understand esoterically.

The results which this process will yield to the really serious student will more than reward him for his initial trouble. It will open his eyes to see wondrous things in what hitherto have been meaningless Shiboleth and empty phrases. Every Hebrew word thus examined will reveal some truth of the inner life which will serve to guide the student in his quest for knowledge.

In The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians, Dr. Franz Hartman tells us that the Great Teachers enjoin upon their pupils never to express things quite openly and clearly because of the danger that the knowledge might be abused for unworthy ends. The methods of the sages was, and is, and ever will be, to give a hint and an outline or, as the Qabalists used to say, "Give him the Head of the Chapter." In accordance with this advice of the Great Ones we leave it to the serious students to find all the help they need out of the letters in their own meditation and study.



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