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Mysticism, Christian and Buddhist

By Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

This is a study of Buddhist mysticism, contrasted and compared with Christian mysticism, particularly the writings of Meister Eckhart. Suzuki explores Buddhist and Christian concepts of infinity, eternity and the transmigration of souls. This book explains many difficult Buddhist concepts, including kono-mama, a state of spiritual contentment. Also included is extensive material about the 'Pure Land' school of Zen Buddhism of Renno Shonin, particularly translations of source material.

Title Page
Meister Eckhart and Buddhism
Chapter II. The Basis of Buddhist Philosophy
Chapter III. A Little Point and Satori
Chapter IV. Living in the Light of Eternity
Chapter V. Transmigration
Chapter VI. Crucifixion and Enlightenment
Chapter VII. Kono-mama (I Am That I Am)
Chapter VIII. Notes on Namu-amida-butsu
Chapter IX. Rennyos Letter
Chapter X. From Saichis Journals


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