Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. I

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Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. I

By A. H. Sayce

Coloumn IV

1. 30 talents of bronze in fragments, 4 (and) the smaller furniture

2. of their palace, their spoil
3. I carried away. The city itself with fire
4. I burned, I threw down (and) dug up.
5. In those days that bronze
6. I dedicated to Rimmon the great lord who loves me.


7. In the mightiness of the power of Asur my lord
8. against the lands of ’Sugi and Qurkhi, which had not submitted
9. to Asur my lord, I marched. With 6000
10. of their troops from the lands of Khime, Lukhi,
11. Arirgi, Alamun,
12. Nimni and all the land of Qurkhi
13. far-extending, on the mountain of Khirikhi,
14. an inaccessible district, which like the point of a sword
15. was formed, with all those countries
16. on my feet I fought.
17. A destruction of them I made.
18. Their fighting-men in the ravines of the mountains
19. into heaps I heaped.
20. With the blood of their warriors the mountain of Khirikhi
21. like wool (?) I dyed.
22. The land of ’Sugi throughout its circuit I conquered
23. Their 25 gods, their spoil,
24. their goods (and) their property I carried away.
25. All their cities with fire
26. I burnt, I threw down (and) dug up.
27. Those who were left of their armies took my feet;
28. I showed favour towards them.
29. Tribute and offering upon them
30. I imposed; along with those who behold the face
31. of Asur my lord I counted them.
32. In those days the 25 gods of those lands,


33. the acquisitions of my hands,
34. which I had taken, to gratify (?) the temple of Beltis
35. the great wife, the favourite of Asur my lord,

36. Anu, Rimmon (and) Ishtar Of Assur,
37. as well as the palaces of my city Assur
38. and the goddesses of my country
39. I gave.


40. Tiglath-pileser the powerful king,
41. the conqueror of hostile regions, the rival
42. of the company of all kings.


43. In those days through the supreme power
44. of Asur my lord, through the everlasting grace
45. of Samas the warrior, through the ministry
46. of the great gods, who in the four zones
47. rule in righteousness, and have no vanquisher
48. in the combat, no rival in the battle,
49. to the lands of distant kings
50. on the shore of the upper sea, 1
51. who knew not subjection,
52. Asur the lord urged me and I went.
53. Difficult paths and trackless passes
54. whose interior in former days
55. no king at all had known,
56. steep roads, ways
57. unopened, I traversed.
58. The mountains of Elama, Amadana, 2 Elkhis,
59. Sirabeli, Tarkhuna,
60. Tirka-khuli, Kizra,
61. Tarkha-nabe, 3 Elula,
62. Khastarae, Sakhisara,
63. Ubera, Mili-adruni,
64. Sulianzi, Nubanâsi,
65. and Sesi, 16 mighty mountains,

66. where the ground was good in my chariots, where it was difficult
67. with picks of bronze, I penetrated.
68. I cut down the urum-trees which grow in the mountains.
69. Bridges for the passage
70. of my troops I constructed well.
71. I crossed the Euphrates. The king of the land of Nimme, 1
72. the king of Tunubu, 2 the king of Tuali,
73. the king of Qidari, the king of Uzula,
74. the king of Unzamuni, the king of Andiabe,
75. the king of Pilaqini, the king of Adhurgini,
76. the king of Kuli-barzini, 3 the king of Sinibirni,
77. the king of Khimua, the king of Paiteri, 4
78. the king of Uiram, the king of Sururia,
79. the king of Abaeni, 5 the king of Adaeni,
80. the king of Kirini, the king of Albaya,
81. the king of Ugina, the king of Nazabia,
82. the king of Abar-’siuni, (and) the king of Dayaeni, 6
83. all the 23 kings of the countries of Nairi, 7
84. in the midst of their lands assembled
85. their chariots and their armies, and
86. to make conflict and battle

87. came on. With the violence of my powerful
88. weapons I pierced them.
89. An overthrow of their widespread armies
90. like the inundation of Rimmon
91. I made. The bodies of their warriors
92. in the plains, the high places of the mountain, and the walls
93. of their cities like sling-stones (?)
94. I flung to the ground. One hundred and twenty of their yoke-chariots
95. in the midst of the combat
96. I acquired. Sixty kings
97. of the lands of Nairi in addition to those who
98. had gone to their assistance
99. with my mace I pursued
100. as far as the Upper Sea.
101. Their great fortresses I captured.

103:4 This seems to be the meaning of sabartum in K 1999, i. 15.

105:1 That is, Lake Van.

105:2 Amadana was the district about Amida or Diarbekir. Assur-natsir-pal reached Amadana after leaving Adana, a district of Qurkhi.

105:3 Compare the names of the Gamgumian and Melitenian princes Tarkhu-lara and Tarkhu-nazi, and of the Hittite city Tarkhi-gamas mentioned by the Vannic king Menuas.

106:1 Nimme, according to Assur-natsir-pal, adjoined Alzi and Dayaeni in the neighbourhood of Mush.

106:2 This must be the Dhunibun of Shalmaneser II, eastward of the sources of the Tigris, on the river of Mush (the modern Kara Su).

106:3 In the Vannic language the termination ni(s) denoted "belonging to," and barzini or barzani signified "a chapel."

106:4 The Vannic king calls the district in which Palu stands "the land of Puterias."

106:5 Perhaps the Abunis of the Vannic inscriptions.

106:6 Dayaeni was on the northern bank of the Arsanias, to the north of Mush. It is called the kingdom of "the son of Diaus" in the Vannic texts, which define it more closely as situated on the Murad Chai, near Melazgherd.

106:7 The land of Nairi or "the rivers" denoted in the age of Tiglath-Pileser I. the districts at the sources of the Tigris and the Euphrates. In the time of Assur-natsir-pal and his successors, on the other hand, it was the country between Lake Van and the northern frontier of Assyria, and consequently lay to the south-west of the Nairi of the time of Tiglath-Pileser I. It will be noticed that there was as yet no kingdom of Ararat or Van.



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