Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. I

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Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. I

By A. H. Sayce

Seventh Tablet

1. At that time the gods in their assembly created (the beasts).
2. They made perfect the mighty (monsters).
3. They caused the living creatures (of the field) to come forth,
4 the cattle of the field, (the wild beasts) of the field and the creeping things (of the field).
5. (They fixed their habitations) for the living creatures (of the field).
6. They distributed 1 (in their dwelling-places) the cattle and the creeping things of the city.
7, (They made strong) the multitude of creeping things, all the offspring (of the earth).
8. …… in the assembly of my family.
9. …… Ea the god of the illustrious face.
10. … the multitude of creeping things did I make strong.
11. … the seed of Lakhama did I destroy.

The rest is lost.

145:1 Yuzahi(zu).



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