Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. II

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Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. II

By A. H. Sayce

Inscriptions of Ur-nin-girsu

No. 1.—Inscription on a Brick 2

1. Ur-nin-girsu,
2. the priest of the god Anna,
3. the priest of the god En-ki, 3
4. the favourite priest of the goddess Ninâ.

No. 2.—Inscription on a Brick 4

1. To the god Nin-girsu,
2. the powerful warrior
3. of the god Ellilla,
4. for his king,
5. Ur-nin-girsu,
6. the patesi
7. of Shirpurla
8. the son of Gudea,
9. the patesi
10. of Shirpurla
11. who the temple of E-ninnû
12. of the god Nin-girsu
13. has constructed.
14. His favourite gigunû 5
15. of cedar-wood
16. he has constructed for him.

106:1 ["The creature of the god Nin-girsu."—Ed.]

106:2 Découvertes, pl. 37, No. 8.

106:3 [Or "Ea."—Ed.]

106:4 Découvertes, pl. 37, No. 9.

106:5 [Perhaps related to gâgunû, "a field."—Ed.]



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