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Angels Fell But Not Man

The mystery of the Fourth Race “falling” into matter explained.

Angels fell but not Man. The archaic commentaries explain . . . that, of the Host of Dhyanis, whose turn it was to incarnate as the Egos of the immortal, but, on this plane, senseless monads — that some “obeyed” (the law of evolution) immediately when the men of the Third Race became physiologically and physically ready, i.e., when they had separated into sexes. These were those early conscious Beings who, now adding conscious knowledge and will to their inherent Divine purity, created by Kriyasakti the semi-Divine man, who became the seed on earth for future adepts. Those, on the other hand, who, jealous of their intellectual freedom (unfettered as it then was by the bonds of matter), said: — “We can choose . . . we have wisdom,” 1 and incarnated far later — these had their first Karmic punishment prepared for them. They got bodies (physiologically) inferior to their astral models, because their chhayas had belonged to progenitors of an inferior degree in the seven classes. As to those “Sons of Wisdom” who had “deferred” their incarnation till the Fourth Race, which was already tainted (physiologically) with sin and impurity, they produced a terrible cause, the Karmic result of which weighs on them to this day. It was produced in themselves, and they became the carriers of that seed of iniquity for aions to come, because the bodies they had to inform had become defiled through their own procrastination. 2 . . . This was the “Fall of the angels,” because of their rebellion against Karmic Law. The “fall of man” was no fall, for he was irresponsible. But “Creation” having been invented [by theologians] on the dualistic system as the “prerogative of God alone,” the legitimate attribute patented by theology in the name of an infinite deity of their own making, this power had to be regarded as “Satanic,” and as an usurpation of divine rights. 3

5.    Eminent Atlanteans are still kindling the Promethean fire
Zoroaster, Ulysses, Noah, Kabiri, Telchines, and other heroic figures are none other than mankind’s divine instructors and true benefactors.

All the Avatars of Vishnu are said to come originally from the White Island. Neither Atlantis, nor yet Shankha-dvipa, was ever called “White Island.” When tradition says that “the White Island became black on account of the sins of people” it only means the denizens of the “White Island,” or Siddhapura, or Sveta dvipa, who descended to the Atlantis of the Third and Fourth races, to “inform the latter; and who, having incarnated, became black with sin” — a figure of speech. All the Avataras of Vishnu are said to come originally from the White Island. According to Tibetan tradition the White Island is the only locality which escapes the general fate of other dvipas and can be destroyed by neither fire nor water, for — it is the “eternal land.” 1

The White Island was the nursery of the first Zarathushtra. . . . Some [“mythical” and “fabulous” islands and lands] are not of this earth, but they still exist. The “White Island” and Atala, at all events, are no myths, since the latter was the name contemptuously applied by the earliest pioneers of the Fifth Race to the land of Sin — Atlantis, in general, not to Plato’s island alone; and since the former was:

(a) The Sveta-dvipa of theogony, and 
(b) Saka-dvipa, or Atlantis (its earliest portions) in its beginnings.

This was when it yet had its “seven holy rivers that washed away all sin,” and its “seven districts, wherein there was no dereliction of virtue, no contention, no deviation from virtue,” as it was then inhabited by the caste of the Magas — that caste which even the Brahmins acknowledged as not inferior to their own — and which was the nursery of the first Zarathushtra.

. . . the Magas are the Magi of Chaldea, and their class and worship were born on the earlier Atlantis, in Saka-dvipa, the Sinless. [They] . . . are the forefathers of the fire-worshipping Parsis. 2

Ulysses belongs to the cycle of the heroes of the Fourth Race. . . . and, though a “sage” in the sight of . . . [the “third eyed”], must have been a profligate in the opinion of the pastoral Cyclopes. 1 His adventure with the latter — a savage gigantic race, the antithesis of cultured civilization in the Odyssey — is an allegorical record of the gradual passage from the Cyclopean civilization of stone and colossal buildings to the more sensual and physical culture of the Atlanteans, which finally caused the last of the Third Race to lose their all-penetrating spiritual eye. 2

Noah was a Kabir, hence he must have been a Daimon. It matters little whether it is Isis, or Ceres — the “Kabiria” — or again the Kabiri, who have taught men agriculture; but it is very important to prevent fanatics from monopolising all the facts in history and legend, and from fathering their distortions of truth, history, and legend upon one man. Noah is either a myth along with the others, or one whose legend was built upon the Kabirian or Titanic tradition, as taught in Samothrace; he has, therefore, no claim to be monopolized by either Jew or Christian.3

The Telchines are simply Kabiri and Titans in another form. . . . They are the Atlanteans also. “Like Lemnos and Samothrace,” says Decharme, “Rhodes, the birthplace of the Telchines, is an island of volcanic formation.” 4 The island of Rhodes emerged suddenly out of the seas, after having been previously engulfed by the Ocean, say the traditions. Like Samothrace (of the Kabiri) it is connected in the memory of men with the Flood legends. . . . The history or “fables” about the mysterious Telchines . . . give the reason why the Roman Catholic Church identifies “the accursed blood” of Cain and Ham with Sorcery, and makes it responsible for the Deluge. Were not the Telchines — it is argued — the mysterious ironworkers of Rhodes, they who were the first to raise statues to the gods, furnish them with weapons, and men with magic arts? 5

The Adepts or “Wise” men of the three Races (the Third, Fourth, and Fifth) dwelt in subterranean habitats, . . . generally under some kind of pyramidal structure, if not actually under a pyramid. For such “pyramids” existed in the four corners of the world and were never the monopoly of the land of the Pharaohs, though until found scattered all over the two Americas, under and over ground, beneath and amidst virgin forests, as in plain and vale, they were supposed to be the exclusive property of Egypt. If the true geometrically correct pyramids are no longer found in European regions, many of the supposed early Neolithic caves, of the colossal triangular, pyramidal and conical menhirs in the Morbihan, and Brittany generally;many of the Danish tumuli and even of the “giant tombs” of Sardinia with their inseparable companions, the nuraghe, are so many more or less clumsy copies of the pyramids. Most of these are the works of the first settlers on the newlyborn continent and isles of Europe, the — “some yellow, some brown and black, and some red” — races that remained after the submersion of the last Atlantean continents and islands (850,000 years ago), with the exception of Plato’s Atlantean island, and before the arrival of the great Aryan races; while others were built by the earliest immigrants from the East. 1

Linked with a network of subterranean passages running in all directions. The ruins which cover both Americas, and are found on many West Indian islands, are all attributed to the submerged Atlanteans. As well as the hierophants of the old world, which in the days of Atlantis was almost connected with the new one by land, the magicians 2 of the new submerged country had a network of subterranean passages running in all directions. In connection with those mysterious catacombs we will now give a curious story told to us by a Peruvian, long since dead, as we were travelling together in the interior of his country. There must be truth in it, as it was afterward confirmed to us by an Italian gentleman who had seen the place and who, but for lack of means and time, would have verified the tale himself, at least partially.3

They are the custodians of the astronomical records of Universal History. The Pyramids are closely connected with the ideas of both the Great Dragon (the constellation), the “Dragons of Wisdom,” or the great Initiates of the Third and Fourth Races, and the Floods of the Nile, regarded as a divine reminder of the great Atlantic Flood. The astronomical records of Universal History, however, are said to have had their beginnings with the Third Sub-race of the Fourth Root-race or the Atlanteans. When was it? Occult data show that even since the time of the regular establishment of the Zodiacal calculations in Egypt, the poles have been thrice inverted. 1



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