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Rise And Demise Of Atlantis


Esoteric Chronology

Atlantis and its illustrious “Fourth Race” inhabitants sunk 856,000 years ago, coinciding with the elevation of the Alps.

The Atlanteans were postdiluvian to the Lemurians, and Lemuria was not submerged as Atlantis was, but was sunk under the waves, owing to earthquakes and subterranean fires, as Great Britain and Europe 1 will be one day. . . . It is the ignorance of our men of science, who will accept neither the tradition that several continents have already sunk, nor the periodical law which acts throughout the Manvantaric cycle 2 . . . that is the chief cause of all the confusion. Plato, while repeating the story as narrated to Solon by the priests of Egypt, intentionally confuses (as every Initiate would) the two continents, and assigns to the small island which sunk last all the events pertaining to the two enormous continents, the prehistoric and traditional.3

Some 700,000 years lapsed between Lemuria and Atlantis. Olmec colossal basalt head (nearly 3 m tall) Museo de la Venta, Mexico “ . . . [Lemuria and Atlantis] sank and were drowned, with all their ‘gods,’ yet, between the two catastrophes a short period of about some 700,000 years elapsed, Lemuria flourishing and ending her career just about that trifling lapse of time before the early Eocene age . . . Behold the relics of that once great race in some of the flat-headed aborigines of your AUSTRALIA.”
“It would be premature to say, because no evidence has yet been adduced, that men may not have existed in the Eocene, especially as it can be shown that a race of men, the lowest we know of, co-exists with that remnant of the Eocene flora which still survives on the continent and islands of Australia.” 4

The Giant Atlanteans perished some 850,0001 years ago; their last remnant, 11,000 years. . . . . the last three family races of the fourth Subrace of the Fifth Root-race, each of which must have lived approximately from 25 to 30,000 years. The first of these (the “Aryan-Asiatics”) witnessed the doom of the last of the populations of the “giant Atlanteans” who perished some 850,000 years ago (the Ruta and Daitya 2 Island-Continents) toward the close of the Miocene Age. 3 The fourth sub-race witnessed the destruction of the last remnant of the Atlanteans — the Aryo-Atlanteans in the last island of Atlantis, namely, some 11,000 years ago. 4
. . . the destruction of the famous island of Ruta and the smaller one Daitya . . . must not be confounded with the submersion of the main continent of Atlantis during the Miocene period. Geologists cannot place the Miocene only so short a way back as 850,000 years; whatever they do, it is several million years ago that the main Atlantis perished.5

The sinking of the Atlantis began during the Miocene period, . . . and it culminated first in the final disappearance of the large continent, an event coincident with the elevation of the Alps, and second, in the sinking of the last of the fair islands mentioned by Plato.” 6 . . . Atlantis and the Phlegyan isle are not the only record that is left of the deluge. China has also her tradition and the story of an island or continent.7
Hence the destruction, besides Atlantis, of the Phlegya. See Pausanias and Nonnus, who both tell how: →
From its deep-rooted base the Phlegyan isle 
Stern Neptune shook, and plunged beneath the waves 
Its impious inhabitants . . . 1

Coinciding with the elevation of the Alps. “Was there, as some have believed, an Atlantis? — a continent or an Archipelago of large islands, occupying the area of the North Atlantic? There is, perhaps, nothing unphilosophical in the hypothesis; for since, as geologists state, ‘The Alps have acquired 4,000, and even in some places more than 10,000 feet of their present altitude since the commencement of the Eocene period’ 2 — a post-Miocene depression might have carried the hypothetical Atlantis into almost abysmal depths.” 3

How old is Mother Earth? February 2010 4 was its 1,972,949,130th anniversary! In Hindu philosophy, one lifetime of the earth is called a day of Brahma. It is said to last 4,320,000,000 years, and to be followed by a night of Brahma of equal length. A day of Brahma, or kalpa, consists of 14 manvantaras of 306,720,000 years each, framed by 15 sandhis (a “dawn” or “twilight”) of 1,728,000 years each. Each manvantara of 306,720,000 years consists of 71 maha-yugas of 4,320,000 years. Each maha-yuga consists of a krita (or satya) yuga of 1,728,000 years, a treta-yuga of 1,296,000 years, a dvapara-yuga of 864,000 years, and a kali-yuga of 432,000 years.5
We are currently in the kali-yuga of the twentyeighth age (maha-yuga) of the seventh manvantara.6 The kali-yuga began in February 3102 B.C.7 On the basis of this information, the time that has elapsed since the beginning of the present day of Brahma up to [e.g., February 2009] can be calculated as follows:
6 manvantaras (1,840,320,000) + 
7 sandhis (12,096,000) + 
27 maha-yugas (116,640,000) + 
1 krita-yuga (1,728,000) + 
1 treta-yuga (1,296,000) + 
1 dvapara-yuga (864,000) +] 
Beginning of kali-yuga (3102 + 2008 – 1) 1 
= 1,972,949,110 years.

Humanity has existed upon it for the last 18,000,000 years. This period was preceded by 300,000,000 years of mineral and vegetable development. 3 Hindu Occultism teaches that the Vaivasvata Manu Humanity is eighteen million and odd years old. We say, yes; but only so far as physical, or approximately physical, man is concerned, who dates from the close of the Third Root-Race. Beyond that period MAN, or his filmy image, may have existed for 300 million years, for all we know; since we are not taught figures which are and will remain secret with the Masters of Occult Science, as justly stated in Esoteric Buddhism. Moreover, whereas the Hindu Puranas speak of one Vaivasvata Manu,4 we affirm that there were several, the name being a generic one.

It is asked by some Theosophists: “What will Atlantis be like when raised?” . . . Were the same identical lands of Atlantis that were submerged to be raised again, then they would, indeed, be barren for ages. Because the Atlantic seabottom is covered with some 5,000 feet of chalk at present, and more is forming — a new “cretaceous formation” of strata, in fact — is no reason why, when the time for a new continent to appear arrives, a geological convulsion and upraising of the sea bottom should not dispose of these 5,000 feet of chalk for the formation of some mountains and 5,000 more come to the surface. The racial cataclysms are not a Noah’s deluge of forty days — a kind of Bombay monsoon. 1




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