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Humanity Had Passed The Middle Point In The Great Cycle

The door for further monads entering the human kingdom is closed and the balance struck. Many of us are now working off the effects of the evil karmic causes produced by us in Atlantean bodies.

Therefore, there are no more vacancies in the Human Kingdom. From the preceding diagrams [pp. 153, 172] which are applicable, mutatis mutandis, to Rounds, Globes or Races, it will be seen that the fourth member of a series occupies a unique position. Unlike the others, the Fourth has no “sister” Globe on the same plane as itself, and it thus forms the fulcrum of the “balance” represented by the whole chain. It is the sphere of final evolutionary adjustments, the world of Karmic scales, the Hall of Justice, where the balance is struck which determines the future course of the Monad during the remainder of its incarnations in the cycle. And therefore it is, that, after this central turning-point has been passed in the Great Cycle — i.e., after the middle point of the Fourth Race in the Fourth Round on our Globe — no more Monads can enter the human kingdom. The door is closed for this Cycle and the balance struck. 1

No fresh Monads have incarnated since the middlepoint of the Atlantean Race, It was stated that Karma-Nemesis, whose bondmaid is Nature, adjusted everything in the most harmonious manner; and that, therefore, the fresh pouringin, or arrival of new Monads, had ceased as soon as Humanity had reached its full physical development. No fresh Monads have incarnated since the middlepoint of the Atlanteans. Hence, remembering that, save in the case of young children, and of individuals whose lives were violently cut off by some accident, no Spiritual Entity can re-incarnate before a period of many centuries has elapsed, such gaps alone must show that the number of Monads is necessarily finite and limited. Moreover, a reasonable time must be given to other animals for their evolutionary progress.
Hence the assertion that many of us are now working off the effects of the evil Karmic causes produced by us in Atlantean bodies. The Law of KARMA is inextricably interwoven with that of Reincarnation. 2

The “dumb races” excepted. “The only exceptions to the rule [that after the middle point of the Fourth Race in the Fourth Round on our Globe — no more Monads can enter the human kingdom] are the “dumb races,” whose Monads are already within the human stage, in virtue of the fact that these “animals” are later than, and even half descended from man, their last descendants being the anthropoid and other apes. These “human presentments” are in truth only the distorted copies of the early humanity. 1

4.    Prometheus is the pre-eminent Atlantean hero and philanthropist
He bestowed to animal man divine mind. But the gift was abused and became a curse.

Thy Godlike crime was to be kind, 
To render with thy precepts less 
The sum of human wretchedness, 
And strengthen Man with his own mind; 
— GEORGE GORDON LORD BYRON, Prometheus (1816)

Creative powers in man were the gift of divine wisdom, not the result of sin. Meanwhile, one task is left incomplete: that of disposing of that most pernicious of all the theological dogmas — the CURSE under which mankind is alleged to have suffered ever since the supposed disobedience of Adam and Eve in the bower of Eden.
Creative powers in man were the gift of divine wisdom, not the result of sin. This is clearly instanced in the paradoxical behaviour of Jehovah, who first curses Adam and Eve (or Humanity) for the supposed committed crime, and then blesses his “chosen people” by saying “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth.” 1 The curse was not brought on mankind by the Fourth Race, for the comparatively sinless Third Race, the still more gigantic Antediluvians, had perished in the same way; hence the Deluge was no punishment, but simply a result of a periodical and geological law. Nor was the curse of KARMA called down upon them for seeking natural union, as all the mindless animal world does in its proper seasons; but, for abusing the creative power, for desecrating the divine gift, and wasting the lifeessence for no purpose except bestial personal gratification. When understood, the third chapter of Genesis will be found to refer to the Adam and Eve of the closing Third and the commencing Fourth Races. In the beginning, conception was as easy for woman as it was for all animal creation. Nature had never intended that woman should bring forth her young ones “in sorrow.” 2

There never was an original sin, but only an abuse of physical intelligence. . . . the psychic being guided by the animal, and both putting out the light of the spiritual. [The true theosophist] will say,
“All ye who can read between the lines, study ancient wisdom in the old dramas — the Indian and the Greek; read carefully the one just mentioned, one enacted on the theatres of Athens 2,400 years ago, namely Prometheus Bound.” 1
The myth belongs to neither Hesiod nor Æschylus; 2 but, as Bunsen says, it
“ . . . is older than the Hellenes themselves,”
for it belongs, in truth, to the dawn of human consciousness. The Crucified Titan is the personified symbol of the collective Logos, the “Host,” and of the “Lords of Wisdom” or the HEAVENLY MAN, who incarnated in Humanity. Moreover, as his name Pro-metheus, meaning “he who sees before him” or futurity, shows 3 — in the arts he devised and taught to humanity, psychological insight was not the least. For as he complains to the daughters of Oceanus:
Of prophecies the various modes I fixed, 
And among dreams did first discriminate 
The truthful vision . . . and mortals guided 
To a mysterious art. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
All arts to mortals from Prometheus came

Karman “bruised the heel” of the Atlanteans when they turned the holy mystery of procreation into animal gratification. Since that period, however, during the evolution of the Fourth Race, there came enmity between its seed, and the “Serpent’s” seed, the seed or product of Karma and divine wisdom. For the seed of woman or lust, bruised the head of the seed of the fruit of wisdom and knowledge, by turning the holy mystery of procreation into animal gratification; hence the law of Karma “bruised the heel” of the Atlantean race, by gradually changing physiologically, morally, physically, and mentally, the whole nature of the Fourth Race of mankind,1 until, from the healthy King of animal creation of the Third Race, man became in the Fifth, our race, a helpless, scrofulous being, and has now become the wealthiest heir on the globe to constitutional and hereditary diseases, the most consciously and intelligently bestial of all animals! 2

The fire of self-consciousness has changed periodical instinct into chronic animalism and sensuality. But, with the arts, the fire received has turned into the greatest curse: the animal element, and consciousness of its possession, has changed periodical instinct into chronic animalism and sensuality. 3 It is this which hangs over humanity like a heavy funereal pall. Thus arises the responsibility of free-will; the Titanic passions which represent humanity in its darkest aspect; “the restless insatiability of the lower passions and desires when, with self-asserting insolence, they bid defiance to the restraints of law.”

Prometheus having endowed man, according to Plato’s “Protagoras,” [321-22] with that “wisdom which ministers to physical well-being,” but the lower aspect of manas of the animal (Kama) having remained unchanged, instead of “an untainted mind, heaven’s first gift” (Aeschylus), there was created the eternal vulture of the ever unsatisfied desire . . . 4

And the gift of Prometheus became a “curse.” . . . though foreknown and foreseen by the HOST personified in that personage, as his name well shows. 1 It is in this that rests, at one and the same time, its sin and its redemption. For the Host that incarnated in a portion of humanity, though led to it by Karma or Nemesis, preferred free-will to passive slavery, intellectual self-conscious pain and even torture — “while myriad time shall flow” — to inane, imbecile, instinctual beatitude. Knowing such an incarnation was premature and not in the program of nature, the heavenly host, “Prometheus,” still sacrificed itself to benefit thereby, at least, one portion of mankind. 2 But while saving man from mental darkness, they inflicted upon him the tortures of the selfconsciousness of his responsibility — the result of his free will — besides every ill to which mortal man and flesh are heir to. This torture Prometheus accepted for himself, . . . which was still unachieved at that period of formation. 3

Thus the Promethean myth is a prophecy, indeed. . . . It points to the last of the mysteries of cyclic transformations, in the series of which mankind, having passed from the ethereal to the solid physical state, from spiritual to physiological procreation, is now carried onward on the opposite arc of the cycle, toward that second phase of its primitive state, when woman knew no man, and human progeny was created, not begotten. . . . That state will return to it and to the world at large, when the latter shall discover and really appreciate the truths which underlie this vast problem of sex. 4

But Prometheus has suffered in vain, and even to this day He remains unrecognised and unthanked by those He saved “from mental darkness.” This is the real CURSE from the physiological standpoint . . . The intellectual evolution, in its progress hand-in-hand with the physical, has certainly been a curse instead of a blessing — a gift quickened by the “Lords of Wisdom,” who have poured on the human manas the fresh dew of their own spirit and essence. The divine Titan has then suffered in vain; and one feels inclined to regret his benefaction to mankind, and sigh for those days so graphically depicted by Æschylus, in his Prometheus Bound, when, at the close of the first Titanic age (the age that followed that of ethereal man, of the pious Kandu and Pramlocha), nascent, physical mankind, still mindless and (physiologically) senseless, is described as . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Seeing, [they] saw in vain; Hearing, they heard not; but like shapes in dreams, through the long time all things at random mixed. (vs. 447-50)

Our Saviours, the Agnishvatta and other divine “Sons of the Flame of Wisdom” (personified by the Greeks in Prometheus 1 ), may well, in the injustice of the human heart, be left unrecognized and unthanked. They may, in our ignorance of the truth, be indirectly cursed for Pandora’s gift; but to find themselves proclaimed and declared by the mouth of the clergy, the EVIL ONES, is too heavy a Karma for “Him” who dared alone” — when Zeus “ardently desired” to quench the entire human race — to save “that mortal race” from perdition, or, as the suffering Titan is made to say:

From sinking blasted down to Hades’ gloom. 
For this by these dire tortures I am bent, 
Grievous to suffer, piteous to behold, 
I who did mortals pity. . . (vs. 237-40)

The chorus remarking very pertinently: 
Vast boon was this thou gavest unto mortals. (vs. 253) 
Prometheus answers: 
Yea, and besides ’twas I that gave them fire, 
Have now these short-lived creatures flame-eyed fire? 
Ay, and by it full many arts will learn. (vs. 254-56) 1



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