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Rise And Demise Of Atlantis


Prehistoric Topology

Atlantis was a global configuration of islands covering of what is now the mid-Atlantic Ocean, as well as portions of the Pacific, and had islands even in the Indian Ocean. Europe and America were connected by a land passage, of which Iceland, Madeira, and the other Atlantic islands are remnants.

Adepts believe the story of Atlantis to be no fable. . . . but maintain that at different epochs of the past huge islands, and even continents, existed where now there is but a wild waste of waters. In those submerged temples and libraries the archæologist would find, could he but explore them, the materials for filling all the gaps that now exist in what we imagine is history. They say that at a remote epoch a traveller could traverse what is now the Atlantic Ocean, almost the entire distance by land and, crossing in boats from one island to another, where narrow straits then existed.
The “four men” described as the real four ancestors of the human race, “who were neither begotten by the gods, nor born of woman,” but whose “creation was a wonder wrought by the Creator,” and who were made after three attempts at manufacturing men had failed, equally present some striking points of similarity with the esoteric explanations of the Hermetists; they also undeniably recall the four sons of God of the Egyptian theogony.1

Our races have sprung from divine races. . . . Every nation has either the seven and ten Rishis-Manus and Prajapatis; . . . One and all have been derived from the primitive Dhyani-Chohans of the Esoteric doctrine, or the “Builders” of the Stanzas (Volume I). From Manu, Thoth-Hermes, OannesDagon, and Edris-Enoch, down to Plato and Panodorus, all tell us of seven divine Dynasties, of seven Lemurian, and seven Atlantean divisions of the Earth; of the seven primitive and dual gods who descend from their celestial abode and reign on Earth, teaching mankind Astronomy, Architecture, and all the other sciences that have come down to us. These Beings appear first as “gods” and Creators; then they merge in nascent man, to finally emerge as “divine-Kings and Rulers.”

Plato is the first among the classic sages who speaks at length of divine Dynasties. . . . and locates them on a vast continent which he calls Atlantis. 1 . . . Theopompus, in his Meropis, made the priests of Phrygia and Asia Minor speak exactly as the priests of Sais did when they revealed to Solon the history and fate of Atlantis. According to Theopompus, it was a unique continent of an indefinite size and containing two countries inhabited by two races — a fighting, warrior race, and a pious, meditative race, which Theopompus symbolizes by two cities. The pious “city” was continually visited by the gods; the belligerent “city” was inhabited by various beings invulnerable to iron, liable to be mortally wounded only by stone and wood.” 2

Fourth Race Atlanteans were developed from a nucleus of Northern Lemurian Third Race men, toward what is now the mid-Atlantic Ocean. . . . Their continent was formed by the coalescence of many islands and peninsulas which were upheaved 3 in the ordinary course of time and became ultimately the true home of the great Race known as the Atlanteans. After this consummation was once attained it follows, as stated on the highest “occult” authority, that “Lemuria should no more be confounded with the Atlantis Continent than Europe with America.” 4

Atlantis was a continent of seven islands sacred to Proserpine; three, to Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune. Do the Greeks, accused of borrowing a Hindu fiction (Atala), and inventing from it another (Atlantis), stand also accused of getting their geographical notions and the number seven from them? Says Proclus: →

The inhabitants of the last island (Poseidonis 1 ) preserved the memory of the prodigious magnitude of the Atlantic islands. The famous Atlantis exists no longer, but we can hardly doubt that it did once, for Marcellus, who wrote a history of Ethiopian affairs, says that such, and so great an island once existed, and this is evidenced by those who composed histories relative to the external sea. For they relate that in this time there were seven islands in the Atlantic sea sacred to Proserpine; and besides these, three of immense magnitude, sacred to Pluto . . . Jupiter . . . and Neptune. And, besides this, the inhabitants of the last island (Poseidonis) preserved the memory of the prodigious magnitude of the Atlantic island as related by their ancestors, and of its governing for many periods all the islands in the Atlantic sea. From this isle one may pass to other large islands beyond, which are not far from the firm land, near which is the true sea. 2

It covered the whole of the Atlantic as well as parts of the Pacific, and had islands even in the Indian Ocean. Its elevated ridge, like a massive horseshoe, linked Atlantis with old Lemuria in the Indian ocean. That not only the last island of Atlantis,3 spoken of by Plato, but a large continent, first divided, and then broken later on into seven peninsulas and islands (called dvipas), preceded Europe, is sure. It covered the whole of the North and South Atlantic regions, as well as portions of the North and South Pacific, and had islands even in the Indian Ocean (relics of Lemuria). The claim is corroborated by Indian Puranas, Greek writers, and Asiatic, Persian, and Mohammedan traditions.4
. . . the ELEVATED RIDGE in the Atlantic basin, 9,000 feet in height,1 which runs for some two or three thousand miles southwards from a point near the British Islands, first slopes towards South America, then shifts almost at right angle to proceed in a SOUTH-EASTERLY line toward the African coast, whence it runs on southward to Tristan da Cunha. This ridge is a remnant of an Atlantic continent, and, could it be traced further, would establish the reality of a submarine horseshoe junction with a former continent in the Indian Ocean. 2

Atlanteans were the Fourth Race of Humanity in this Manvantara. After their physical fall men decreased considerably in stature, After the Great Flood of the Third Race (the Lemurians):
“Men decreased considerably in stature, and the duration of their lives was diminished. Having fallen down in godliness they mixed with animal races, and intermarried among giants and Pygmies [the dwarfed races of the Poles] . . . Many acquired DIVINE, more — UNLAWFUL knowledge, and followed willingly the LEFT PATH.” (Commentary, xxxiii)
Thus were the Atlanteans approaching destruction in their turn. How many geological periods it took to accomplish this fourth destruction? Who can tell . . . But we are told that:

And the giants were dwarfed. . . . it is after the destruction of “Lemuria” by subterranean fires that men went on steadily decreasing in stature — a process already commenced after their physical FALL — and that finally, some millions of years after, they reached between six and seven feet, and are now dwindling down (as the older Asiatic races) to nearer five than six feet. 4

The earliest Palæolithic men in Europe were of pure Atlantean and Africo-Atlantean stocks. . . . (It must be borne in mind that by this time the Atlantis continent itself was a dream of the past.) Europe in the Quaternary epoch was . . . united to Northern Africa — or rather what is now Northern Africa — by a neck of land running across the present Straits of Gibraltar — Northern Africa thus constituting a species of extension of Spain, while a broad sea washed the great basin of the Sahara. . . . As to the African tribes . . . they crossed into Europe over the peninsula which made the Mediterranean an inland sea. . . . The cyclic impulse downwards weighs heavily on the stocks thus transplanted — the incubus of the Atlantean Karma is upon them. 1




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