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Science of Breath

By by Yogi Ramacharaka, pseud. William Atkinson

Science of Breath is a complete manual of the Oriental breathing philosophy of physical, mental, psychic and spiritual development. Written by Yogi Ramacharaka, it is widely considered to be a classic. Yogi Ramacharaka authored many books in his lifetime but Science of Breath is considered by many to be his best. It may be required reading for some, and for others it remains an essential part of their personal library.

Title Page
Chapter I. Salaam
Chapter II. Breath Is Life
Chapter III. The Exoteric Theory of Breath
Chapter IV. The Esoteric Theory of Breath
Chapter V. The Nervous System
Chapter VI. Nostril-Breathing vs. Mouth-Breathing
Chapter VII. The Four Methods of Respiration
Chapter VIII. How to Acquire the Yogi Complete Breath
Chapter IX. Physiological Effect of the Complete Breath
Chapter X. A Few Bits of Yogi Lore
Chapter XI. The Seven Yogi Developing Exercises
Chapter XII. Seven Minor Yogi Exercises
Chapter XIII. Vibration and Yogi Rhythmic Breathing
Chapter XIV. Phenomena of Yogi Psychic Breathing
Chapter XV. More Phenomena of Yogi Psychic Breathing
Chapter XVI. Yogi Spiritual Breathing



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