The Angel Of The Praries A Dream Of The Future

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The Angel Of The Praries A Dream Of The Future

By Parley Parker Pratt


THE thrilling and interesting narrative contained in this little book, though setting up no claim to being an authentic or infallible prophecy, yet probably contains as much condensed truth and as little fiction as any work in any age, that has inspired truth for its foundation, and romance simply for its embellishment and adornings.

This manuscript was read in Nauvoo, in a Council of the Church, in the presence of the Prophet Joseph Smith, but never appeared in print until last Spring, in the Northern Light, when it became at once the admiration of all the Saints who had the privilege of its perusal.

While purporting to be written under the similitude of a dream or vision, we will state that no such dream or vision was had by the writer, the whole manuscript having been written at Nauvoo, in the Winter of 1843-4.

The useful and elevating object of the author shines in every page of the work, and not a hurtful feature can be found in it. As will be seen, the book contains twenty pages of reading matter,--twice the amount we supposed it to contain--we shall therefore be under the necessity of charging twenty-five cents a copy, instead of fifteen cents.




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