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The Builders

By Joseph Fort Newton

The Builders, by Joseph Fort Newton is one of the best investigations of the history and development of modern Freemasonry from the Anicient Mysteries that is available today. This text occupies a central position in any Masonic curriculum and should be perused by all newly initiated Brethren. The wisdom it contains within its pages will serve to inspire the newly made Mason as to the great historical depth contained within the ancient Craft of Freemasonry. Newton traces the occult influence and esoteric origins on what is now known as Freemasonry and paints a picture of incredible detail that cannot help but educate the reader. Extremely well-researched and footnoted, The Builders will prove an excellent tool for any Brother who wishes to learn more about the majesty and symbolic efficiency of Freemasonry. 

Title Page
The Anteroom
PART I. Chapter I. The Foundations
PART I. Chapter II. The Working Tools
PART I. Chapter III. The Drama of Faith
PART I. Chapter IV. The Secret Doctrine
PART I. Chapter V. The Collegia
PART II. Chapter I. Free-masons
PART II. Chapter II. Fellowcrafts
PART II. Chapter III. Accepted Masons
PART II. Chapter IV. Grand Lodge of England
PART II. Chapter V. Universal Masonry
PART III. Chapter I. What is Masonry
PART III. Chapter II. The Masonic Philosophy
PART III. Chapter III. The Spirit of Masonry



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