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The Hill of Discernment

By Alfred Trevor Barker

With the death of A. Trevor Barker on July 17th of this year, the spontaneous wish was expressed by his many friends all over the world that his lectures and writings might be gathered together for publication in some permanent form. The present work, The Hill of Discernment, is an answer to this widespread desire. It contains in large part all the available addresses given in various parts of England, mainly to Theosophical groups and lodges, to European Conventions of the Theosophical Society, and to various 'fraternization' meetings with the Phoenix Lodge and other Lodges of the Adyar T. S. in England. At the end of this volume is a Memorandum which gives as far as possible the original source of each lecture.

In Memoriam
Compilers Preface
The Hill of Discernment
The Divine Awakening and the Birth of the Year
Forgiveness and Love
A Call to Action: Individual Regeneration or World Chaos
Ancient Ideals in the Modern Home
Let Us Go Forward
Individual Responsibility
Idolatry and Leadership
Our Immediate Work
On Looking for Results
On Fraternization
Further Notes on Fraternization
Rising above Desire
Invitation to the H. P. B. Centennial Conference
Unity through H. P. B.s Teachings
H. P. B. and the Masters of Wisdom
Theosophical Slackness
H. P. B.: A Holding Center of Spiritual Energy
Was H. P. B. an Anomaly?
William Quan Judge
Teachings on Life After Death
Spiritualism and Psychic Phenomena
On Accidents and Suicides
The Psychology of Chelaship
The Problem of Evil
The Writing of the Mahatma Letters
Why Study Theosophy?
Obstacles to Meditation
The Occult Law of Correspondence and Analogy
The Lost Word
Destiny, Liberation, Annihilation
Spiritual Gifts and Their Attainment
The Mystery of Pain
The Place of Devotion in the Life of Discipleship
The Creative Power of Thought
Faith Versus Wisdom
The Dual Aspect of Wisdom
The Evolution of the Soul
The Real Man
The Destruction of Illusion
The Living Dead
The Mysteries of Death
What Survives Death?
More about What Survives Death
Psychic Phenomena
Theosophy and Christian Science
A Bond of Spiritual Kinship
Every Lodge-Room a Temple
Keysto a Cosmic Philosophy
Thoughts on Devachan
Awareness in the Moment and the Day
A Theosophists Attitude to Book-Learning
The Inner Divine Companion
Questions and Answers


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