The Hill of Discernment

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The Hill of Discernment

By Alfred Trevor Barker

Compilers Preface

With the death of A. Trevor Barker on July 17th of this year, the spontaneous wish was expressed by his many friends all over the world that his lectures and writings might be gathered together for publication in some permanent form. The present work, The Hill of Discernment, is an answer to this widespread desire. It contains in large part all the available addresses given in various parts of England, mainly to Theosophical groups and lodges, to European Conventions of the Theosophical Society, and to various 'fraternization' meetings with the Phoenix Lodge and other Lodges of the Adyar T. S. in England. At the end of this volume is a Memorandum which gives as far as possible the original source of each lecture.

It should be noted that Dr. Barker, save in a few instances, had no opportunity himself of editing his work, and the Compilers in all cases have felt it best, except for obvious slips and inaccuracies, to leave his words as given under the urge of his ardent and sincere conviction.

To Miss Margaret Jamieson, who was for many years Dr. Barker's private secretary as well as secretary for the English Section of the T. S., special thanks are given. Without her devotion and her industry in reporting and transcription, the publication of this book would have been impossible.

The Compilers are grateful to Mrs. A. Trevor Barker for the permission she has kindly granted them to use the material which this book contains.



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