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The Hill of Discernment

By Alfred Trevor Barker


QUESTION: I have recently had my horoscope read by an astrologer friend, and he predicts trouble for me in the near future extending over quite a period. I suppose this cannot be averted; but as a Theosophist could you give me some hints as to how to meet it?

ANSWER: Answering your question regarding fortunate or unfortunate cycles, as revealed in your horoscope: Very likely, if your friend was a good astrologer, he would be able to trace the prevailing tendencies correctly. I do not think, however, that it is particularly a wise thing to make such predictions. I say this because of the effect of such statements upon the individual concerned. The way I look at it is this: the prediction may or may not be correct, but I would suggest that you brush these considerations aside and say to yourself: "Well, it really does not matter whether these things are true or not." Anticipations of trouble are always deleterious, therefore wrong, and not to be indulged in. A key to this you can find in Katherine Tingley's book, The Gods Await, pages 155 to 162, and here is the key-sentence which the writer gives in several ways:

Let them hold to these things in the silence, and create a noble future in their hearts; going alone in the morning into the silence of Nature; freeing themselves there from their old trying memories and from all anticipations of trouble. [Italics ours.]
Now to deal with the matter more astrologically, and in such a way that it covers all adverse planetary influences which may flow to us at any time: It is quite true that such influences do reach us — in fact Karma works out, as I see the matter, by the influences which the Ego — the Real Man — permits to pass through its consciousness and work out in the lower worlds. Has it occurred to you that there is, as it were, a kind of screen which the individual can erect to protect himself from such adverse influences? By anticipating dark and heavy Karma and unfortunate events and troubles at a certain epoch in the future, a way is open to them — in fact the Ego invites them, and one not infrequently finds this attitude even amongst Theosophical students. I believe it is wrong. On the contrary, bring forward in thought the truer and nobler side of the nature, and create a noble future for yourself, centering the mind, heart and consciousness in the Higher Self, aspiring towards it, having faith in it, and knowing that as you learn to live in the consciousness which is Eternal no adverse influence of any kind can possibly reach you. It simply means that the consciousness becomes so firmly rooted and poised in the higher aether of the soul's meditations that the various planetary energies which pass through it are transmuted thereby to beneficent and useful purposes; whereas if the consciousness were left unprotected because centered in the personality, then the same influences would work out in a deleterious, destructive and unfortunate way. That, as I see it, is the answer to your problem.




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