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The Hill of Discernment

By Alfred Trevor Barker

Individual Responsibility

You have a marvelous opportunity here. You have done magnificent work, and I know it will prosper. The splendid nucleus of people which you have is proof of what can be done with the divine fire of the Wisdom-Religion burning in your hearts. You and I know that it is an illusion to suppose that any of us is alone in this work. Any one of us, no matter where he may be situated, whether he knows a brother Theosophist in the district, or whether he does not, has only got to think Theosophy for a few weeks or months, to talk Theosophy to those he comes across, in order immediately to prove to himself that as members of the Theosophical Society, plus the desire to forward its work, we become energetic centers through whom the influence that flows from the great Lodge of the Masters passes to all with whom we come in contact, consciously and unconsciously, but who nevertheless respond to the current of thought that we ourselves generate and live in.

Try to get a knowledge of the teachings yourselves. Make them your own and help the work of the Society by spreading those teachings, endeavoring to arouse interest in the Society's work yourselves, and you will find the whole aspect of your own personal and individual life begins to change. You will become a center of conscious activity which will bring not only illumination, peace and an added strength to master yourselves; but what is infinitely more important you will find if you work, study and help that you will be able to bring that same light and inspiration to all those with whom you come into contact. As I see it, that is the call the Theosophical Movement makes to us individually. First it gives to us individually out of the riches of its Teachings. We take from it; we take from those who were the first to teach us; then if we are true men and true women we should want to make the only return that is really worth while, which is to give it to somebody else who has it not.

Remember that every single Theosophist who comes into our Movement becomes a dynamic center of energy. Oh, we do not do these things of our own power, you know! It is as Mr. Judge pointed out in one of his articles — each member is a center. Aye, because we are linked to the dynamic energies that flow from the great Lodge of Masters: and each member is a magnetic center distributing that energy that works magic in the hearts of men if we have faith in our own higher nature — faith in the Masters who stand behind our Work.



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