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By Alfred Trevor Barker

Invitation to the H. P. B. Centennial Conference

[The connexion with the historic occasion of the H. P. B. Centennial Conference in London in June 1931, the following invitation was sent to outstanding members and executive officers of the different Theosophical Societies in Europe.]

Dear ----, As you know, 1931 is the Centenary of the birth of H. P. B., and we are endeavoring to make the year a memorable one in the history of the Theosophical Movement by inviting representative members of all the different Theosophical Societies to come together in friendly conference — not only to pay a tribute in words to the memory of H. P. B., but to realize practically the great ideal of a "real living fraternity" for which she labored and gave her life.

We feel sure that you will have constructive ideas which would be of value to the whole Movement, just as we hope and believe that we may have ideas which would be of similar benefit. For these reasons we are confident that nothing but good can result if some of the active members of the different societies come together on this occasion for a fair, free and friendly exchange of views in the true spirit of Theosophical comradeship. The time is surely ripe for us all to realize that the ideal of Universal Brotherhood must be given a wider application than mere harmony amongst the individual associates of one particular society — absolutely necessary as that may be.

Owing to the practical impossibility for many European Theosophists of undertaking the long and expensive journey to Point Loma for the Centennial Conference which will take place there on August 11th, we are holding a similar gathering here in London on June 24th, which should be more convenient for the majority. Therefore on behalf of the Leader of the Society, Dr. de Purucker, who intends to be in London himself, it is with very great pleasure that I extend to you his invitation to take part with us in what should prove a truly memorable gathering. The meeting will begin probably at 11 a.m. at this address. Admission will be by card only, and this will be sent to you in due course.

It is not proposed, and I would emphasize this, that our Conference should take the form of a business meeting at which definite undertakings would be entered into. On the contrary the procedure will be as informal as possible, and there will be no voting. All those taking part will meet on equal terms, and everyone will be invited to state his views without fear or favor, so that by mutual understanding and good-will we may learn to know each other better.

May we ask you to be so good as to reply at an early date to this invitation, which we trust, in the interest of the Movement, you will see your way to accept.

Believe me, Very sincerely and fraternally yours,


President English Section.



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