The Isiac Tablet of Cardinal Bembo

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The Isiac Tablet of Cardinal Bembo

By W. Wynn Westcott


"The Divine Pymander," by Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, (only 12 Copies left), uniquely printed in Old Faced Type, on Antique Hand-made Whatman Paper, post quarto, from the Text of Dr. Everard, Ed. 1650. In Seventeen Chapters, with a choice Symbolical Cabbalistical Frontispiece, Title-Page in two colours, and a fac-simile of the Smaragdine Table; also a specially written introductory Essay, by Hargrave Jennings, author of the "Rosicrucians," "Phallicism," etc.

The above small Remainder can .now only be had, bound with the Companion Work, "The Virgin of the World," and the rare Alchemical Tract, "Aureus," in one splendidly illustrated volume; including an additional whole page Tableau des Lames du Livre de Thot, qui etait Place dans le Memphis. Price on application.

Tableau des Lames du Livre de Thot, qui etait Place Dans le Memphis. This artistic embodiment of the complete Tarot Pack is indispensable to students of the "Isiac Tablet," and can be supplied separately from the above, for framing or binding, at 10/6. Post Free.

"Aureus." "The Golden Treatise on the Divine Art of Making Gold and Silver." Concerning the Physical Secret of the Philosopher's Stone, in Seven Sections, and esteemed one of the best and oldest pieces of Alchemical Philosophy extant. From "A suggestive Inquiry into the Hermetic Mystery," 1850. Illustrated with a Composite Frontispiece of the plates from the Work of "Nicholas Flammel," and prefaced with an Introductory Essay on "Alchemy and the Alchemists," by Jno. Yarker, Esq. Price 5/6,. Post Free, including an illustrated Key, descriptive of the principle plates in the above Hermetic volume. Those who consider the Eleusinian Mysteries to have been phallic will find a confirmation of their theory in this Key, which relates the means taken by Baubo to gladden the mournful Demeter.

"Sub-Mundanes," or "The Count of Gabalis." From the 1680 Edition, (Illustrated.) A Rosicrucian Book. Being The History of Spirits, from the Text of the Abbe Villars, with Appendix from the Suppressed Occult Physiological Work of the Very Rev. Father Sinistrari, of Ameno, on Demoniality, or "Incubi and Succubi," and is one of the most celebrated works on the Occult Sciences, dealing especially with the sexual questions elucidated by Mr Hargrave Jennings in the "Rosicrucians," and "Phallicism," (showing the real nature of the Adamic Apple, &c.) Post Free, 10/6. Only a few left.

This is the great tabooed Work which, on account of the peculiar subject and its free treatment, is almost virtually "boycotted," except when supplied direct from this house.

"Mental Magic," by the late THOS. WELTON, F.S.A. (Illustrated.) The A. B. C. of Elementary Experimental Occultism, and now complete with an additional page of Supplementary Notes, &c., ad cleram, illustrating the (?) "Ritual" of the "Phallic" personæ Machinery and Ceremonial so graphically related therein. Being the Author's most recent experimental investigations, enlarged with an Esoteric Appendix, entitled the "History and Mystery of the Magic Mirror," being the concluding part of the Editor's Brochure, the "History and Mystery of the Magic Crystal," including the chapter "Miroirs Magiques," viz.: Miroirs Theurgiques, Miroirs des Sorciers, Miroir de Cagliostro, Miroir du Potet, Miroir Swedenborgian, Miroir Magnetique, Miroir Narcotique, Miroir Galvanique, etc., specially and for the first time Translated from the French "Magic Magnetique," of L. A. Cahagnet for this Work. Also, with Col. Fraser's suggestive narrative of the mysterious sexive Mirror Dance of India: Making of the Bhatt—the two brides—the grooms; the Colonel and the Sheikh; The Hills of Mahadoe; The tripod and the test; The Mystic Dance—"O Sahib, it is only Lust and Hatred that keep closed the eyes of the Soul!—In those crystals we can see what takes place on earth, and in other worlds than this!" The trial and the test—extraordinary—a British Skeptic sees what takes place 12,000 miles away!—Its demonstration. Mundt, Lowry, Palgrave, Morier, Lane and Jennings all confirm the Mirror facts, the higher uses of a good Mirror, etc., etc Nearly 200 pages, quarto. 10/-, Post Free. Only a few left.

This Work contains a clue to the "Ansairetic Secret," for which complete "Secret" many have paid 100 dollars.

"Sepher Yetzirah." Translated out of the original Hebrew by the author of the Monograph on the "Isiac Tablet." immediate Orders for this Kabbalistic Masterpiece filled in at 5/6 per Copy, Post Free.

Romano (Giulio) Situations Gratieuses Humains, a set of 20 designs to illustrate "The Worship of Priapus" (see Note on page 25 of Mr. Redway's London reprint.) Figures Libres imported only to order, for Subscribers.

"The Mount of Initiation." Cabinet Photos, direct from this beautiful Symbolical Work of "Ancient Art," 5/- each.

Tarot Packs, 78 leaves, Hand Coloured, supplied to order.

Robert H. Fryar, Bath.



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