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The Liturgy of Funerary Offerings

By E. A. Wallis Budge

The Twenty-seventh Ceremony

The SEM priest then offered a hetemet vessel containing one hent measure of beer, 1 and as he did so the Kher heb said:--

"Unas, the Eye of Horus hath been presented unto thee that thou mayest be filled therewith."

At this point in the service the SEM priest paused in his presentation of offerings to the deceased, and made ready to pour out further libations to him. Having dissolved three cakes of natron in pure water, he took four vases of the solution, and walked round the


The Sem priest presenting a stone vessel of beer.

mummy, or statue, and sprinkled it on all sides, whilst the Kher heb recited the following, words four times:--

"This libation is for thee, O Osiris, this libation is for thee; it cometh forth from thy son, it cometh forth from Horus.

"I have come and I have brought unto thee the Eye of Horus that thy heart may be refreshed thereby. I have brought it to thy feet, and have presented unto thee that which hath flowed and come forth from thee. Whilst it is with thee there shall be no stoppage of thy heart, and it shall be with thee, with the things (or, persons) which come forth at the [sound of] the voice." 1 (The Vignette is a duplicate of that given on page 42.)


87:1 Or, "a vessel containing a hent measure of hetemet beer."

88:1 From indications given in the text of Pepi II. it is clear that at this place in the series of ceremonies articles of apparel and jewellery were offered one by one to the deceased, and that appropriate words of dedication were recited during their presentation. See Maspero, Pyramides de Saqqarah, p. 361.



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