The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett- 1926

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The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett- 1926


This Second & Revised Edition follows A. Trevor Barker’s 1926 Second Edition published by T. Fisher Unwin, London, and includes his Prefaces, Introduction, and Mars-Mercury essay in Appendix 1. It has been reset in larger type and retains the edition’s pagination and division of the Letters into sections. The Letter numbers have been set in arabic numerals and added to the running heads for convenient reference. Text of the Letters has been chec ked against photographs of the originals (see Barker’s two Prefaces for his editorial objectives); transcription errors as well as changes which depart from the originals beyond normal copy-editing have been corrected. Uncertain readings have been left as Barker transcribed them. Editorial notes and corrections by TUP are enclosed in braces, i.e. “curly” brackets ( { } ), and pertain mostly to dates and names for purposes of identification. Foreign terms and phrases are given as they appear in the Letters.

Compilers Preface
Detailed Table of Contents
Handwriting Samples
Mars and Mercury
First Letter of K. H. to A. O. Hume
View of the Chohan on the T.S.
Cosmological Notes
A. O. Humes Reply to K.H.s First Letter
The Writing of the Mahatma Letters by A. T. Barker
Foreign Words & Phrases in Mahatma Letters
Foreign Words and Phrases
Chronological Order
Foreword to the Combined Chronology of Margaret Conger
Preface and Introduction to Combined Chronology by Margaret Conger


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