The Mystery of the Ages

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The Mystery of the Ages


Chapter 6





The pre-historic Wisdom-Religion a Buddhism. Hierocracy. A New Spiritual In1lux. Contemporaries of the Buddha Cycle. · Buddhism the first Catholic System historically known. Character of Buddha's teachings. Buddhist Missionaries. The Theosophy of Gotama Buddha. How to become an Initiate. Karma the law of Consequences. The annihilation of Selfhood. Buddhism summarised. Christ and Buddha manifestations of the same Divine Principle. Buddhism a Christ-like Philosophy. summarised and contrasted with Buddhism. Yoga and Samadhi. The Spiritual Re-birth. The Soul state an individual Divine gift to each Being. The Meaning of Nirvana defined in a dialogue between Milinda and Nagasena,




Esoteric Buddhism the ancient Wisdom-Religion. Comparison of the Constitution of Man with the Constitution of the Universe. (Plate.) The figure of the Cross used aa a sacred symbol long anterior to the Christian Era. The Mystery of Mysteries represented in the seal of Solomon. The Male brain or Solar Plexus. The Female brain or Cerebro-Spinal System. The seat of Life or fourth Principle. Mamas, the fifth Principle, or Human Soul. Kam Loca and Kama Rupa. The Seed of the Woman. The seven-fold Nature of the Divine Essence. Separation the cause of Evil. Man, the arbiter of his own destiny. Kama Loca or Purgatory. Devachan. The Eternal " Two IN ONE." The ceaseless Chain. New Birth or Regeneration. JIVATJU and the LINGA SIU.BIRA.. The seven degrees of the Masonic Jacob's Ladder. Seven Sephiroth and seven Senses. The Arcanum symbolized by the Great Pyramid. The Will the axis whereon the Seven Principles turn. The Seventh Principle, Atma, or the Divine Spirit. The Law of the lower nature. Spiritual Evolution and Involution. The Planetary Chain. (Diagram.) The Sleep of World. The Rounds of Mankind's Evolution. NOW ia the Turning-Point. Note on the Mahatmas. The present the fifth race of the fourth Round. The approaching New Dispensation. Esoteric Buddhism affording a scientific explanation of all the phases of existence. Comparison of the Sankhya Philosophy with Esoteric Buddhism. Kapila a Positivist. Purush and Prakriti defined.




The System of the Tao-See. Directions from the Nan Hua on Occult Practice. Lao-Tee's attempt to systematize the Laws of Fate and Destiny. Selections from the Tao-TeKing. The Manifestation of Virtue. Arriving at the Source. The Abyss of the Absolute Being. Far-Seeing. Confucius and Lao-Tee. A Discussion on the True Way (Tao) • •



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