The Mystery of the Ages

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The Mystery of the Ages


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Statement of the momentous Problem. Method of Investigation. The Supreme Etemal Being. Our Divine Mother. No "irresponsible" Deity. Theoaophia, the Divine Knowledge. The "Martyrs" or "Witnesses" for the Divine Truth. Heaven and Hell within U& Goddenying the cause of Satan's kingdom on Earth. Theosophy the Saviour of all ages Both Saviour and Salvation. Fallacies of Scepticism. The No-God-Idea demands more credulity than the God-Idea. The Manifestation of the Absolute. The testimony of the WorldTeachers. Selfishness the real Evil in Man. The Unity of all Esoteric Doctrine. Occult value of Mathematics. Mathematical Theosophy. T/wu,ght is also Prayer. The Absolute Self or Divine SouL How to attain to Soul Knowledge. Occult Practice. The Rationale of Yoga. The one way to God. The Great Work. Quotation from an old Theosopher….



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