The Pyramid Texts

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The Pyramid Texts

By Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer





1. Nut and the Deceased King, Utterances 1-11

2.Ritual of Bodily Restoration of the Deceased, and Offerings, Utterances 12-203

3. A Group of Prayers and Charms, Utterances 204-212

4. A Series of Old Heliopolitan Texts Partly Osirianized, Utterances 213-222

5. The Deceased King Receives Offerings and Is Re-established in His Functions and Possessions, Utterances 223-225

6. Mostly Serpent Charms, Utterances 226-243

7. The Deceased King Arrives in Heaven Where He Is Established, Utterances 244-259

8. The Deceased King Triumphs over His Enemies and Is Recognized by the Gods, Utterances 260-262

9. Means Whereby the Deceased King Reaches Heaven, Utterances 263-271

10. The Deceased King fin Heaven, Utterances 272-274

11. Charms, Utterances 275-299

12. The Ferryman and the Deceased King's Ascension, Utterances 300-311

13. A Series of Five Charms, Utterances 312-316

14. Miscellaneous Utterances on the Career of the Deceased King in the Hereafter, 317-337

15. Offerings for the Deceased King, Utterances 338-349

16. Miscellaneous Utterances on the Hereafter, 350-374

17. Conjurations and Charms, Utterances 375-400

18. Utterances concerning Well-being, Especially Food and Clothes, 401-426

19. In Praise of Nut, Utterances 427-435

20. Miscellaneous Texts-Some Largely Osirian, Utterances 436-442

21. Second Series in Praise of Nut, Utterances 443-452

22. A Miscellaneous Group, Utterances 453-486

23. A Series of Food Texts, Utterances 487-502

24. A Series of Reed-Floats and Ferryman Texts, Utterances 503-522

25. Miscellaneous Texts Chiefly about the Deceased King's Reception and Life in Heaven, Utterances 523-533

26. For the Protection of the Pyramid Enclosure against Osiris and His Cycle, Utterance 534

27. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 535-538

28. A Litany of Ascension, Utterance 539

29. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 540-552

30. Resurrection, Meal, and Ascension of the Deceased King, Utterance 553

31. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 554-562

32. A Purification Litany, Utterance 563

33. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 564-569

34. New-Birth of the Deceased King as a God in Heaven, Utterance 570

35. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 571-575

36. The Resurrection and Ascension of the Deceased King, Utterance 576

37. The Resurrection of Osiris with Whom the Gods Are Satisfied, Utterance 577

38. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 578-586

39. An Early Hymn to the Sun, Utterance 587

40. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 588-600

41. A Litany-like Incantation for the Endurance of a Pyramid and Temple, Utterance 601

42. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 602-605

43. The Resurrection, Ascension, and Reception of the Deceased King in Heaven, Utterance 606

44. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 607-609

45. The Deceased King on Earth and in Heaven, Utterance 610

46. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 611-626

47. The Ascended King, His Works, and Identifications, Utterance 627

48. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 628-658

49. The Death of the King and His Arrival in Heaven, Utterance 659

50. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 660-669

51. The Death, Resurrection, and Spiritualization of the King, Utterance 670

52. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 671-675

53. Resurrection, Transfiguration, and Life of the King in Heaven, Utterance 676

54. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 677-683

55. The Deceased King Ascends to Heaven, Utterance 684

56. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 685-689

57. A Series of Addresses to the Deceased King as a God, Utterance 690

58. Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 691-704

59. A Series of Unclassifiable Fragments, Utterances 705-714




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