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The Pyramid Texts

By Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer

Resurrection, Transfiguration, and Life of the King in Heaven, Utterance 676

Utterance 676.

2007a. To say: Thy water belongs to thee, thine abundance belongs to thee, thine efflux belongs to thee,

2007b. which issues from Osiris.

2008a. Collect thy bones; arrange thy limbs;

2008b. shake off thy dust; untie thy bandages.

2009a. The tomb is open for thee; the double doors of the coffin are undone for thee;

2009b. the double doors of heaven are open for thee.

2009c. "Hail," says Isis; "(come) in peace," says Nephthys,

2009d. when they see their brother at the feast of Atum.

2010a. These thy libations, Osiris, are in Busiris, in Grg.w-b?(.f );

2010b. thy soul is in thy body; thy might is behind thee; remain chief of (or, master of) thy powers.

2011a. Raise thyself up, N.,

2011b. travel over the southern regions; travel over the northern regions;

2011c. be thou powerful over the powers that are in thee.

2011d. Thy spirits, the jackals, are given thee which Horus of Hierakonpolis has given to thee.

2012a. Raise thyself up, N., be seated on thy firm (or, copper) throne.

2012b. Anubis, who is chief of the divine pavillion (s?-ntr), has commanded

2012c. thy purification with thy eight nms.t-jars and (thy) eight ‘?b.t-jars, which come from the s?-ntr.

2013a. Thou art a god who supports the sky, who beautifies the earth.

2013b. The smnt.t-woman laments for thee; the great min.t mourns for thee;

2014a. arms agitate for thee; feet tremble for thee,

2014b. when thou ascendest as a star, as the morning star.

2014c. He comes to thee, his father; he comes to thee, Geb;

2015a. take his hand, let him sit upon the great seat;

2015b. let him unite with the two mt-lakes of ?b?.w;

2015c. purify his mouth with natron on the lap of M?nti-’irti;

2015d. purify his nails, upper and lower.

2016a. Let one do for him what thou didst do for his brother, Osiris, . on the day of counting the bones,

2016b. of making firm the sandals, of ferrying over the lake Rd-wr.

2017a. To thee come the wise and the understanding;

2017b. thou art called to the southern ’itr.t-palace;

2017c. to thee come (the gods of) the full northern ’itr.t-palace, with a salutation.



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