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The Pyramid Texts

By Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer

Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 535-538

Utterance 535.

1280a. To say by Isis and Nephthys:

1280b. The ??.t-bird comes, the kite comes; they are Isis and Nephthys.

1280c. They are come in search of their brother Osiris;

1280d. (They are come) in search of their brother N.

1281a. Thou who art (here), thou who art (there), weep for thy brother; Isis, weep for thy brother; Nephthys, weep for thy brother.

1281b. Isis sits, her hands upon her head;

1282a. Nephthys has indeed seized the tip of (her) two breasts because of her brother, N.;

1282b. Anubis being on his belly; Osiris being wounded; Anubis being before the fist (?).

1283a. Thy putrefaction, N., is not; thy sweat, N., is not;

12 83b. thy outflowing, N., is not; thy dust, N., is not.

1284a. ??.ti son of ??.ti (is) at Mnii, coming as Mn.ti,

1284b. to divide in three these your four days and your eight nights.

1285a. The stars follow thy beloved ?b?.wt,

1285b. who is chief of thy nm? (attendants); thou art chief of those who are chief of the nm?.w (attendants); thou hast made nm? the nm?.w.

1285c. Loose Horus from his bonds, that he may punish the Followers of Set;

1286a. that he may seize them; that he may remove their heads; that he may take off their legs.

1286b. Cut thou them up, take thou out their hearts;

1286c. drink thou of their blood;

1287a. count their hearts, in this thy name of "Anubis counter of hearts."

1287b. Thy two eyes have been given to thee as thy two uraeus-serpents,

1287c. for thou art like Wepwawet on his standard, Anubis who presides in s?-ntr.

1288a. O N., the houses of the great who are in Heliopolis make thee "first";

1288b. the spirits and even the imperishable stars fear thee.

1288c. The dead fall on their face before thee; the blessed dead(?) care for thee.

1289a. "Eldest (son), ’Im?? is for N.," say the Souls of Heliopolis,

1289b. who furnish thee with life and satisfaction.

1289c. He lives with the living as Seker lives with the living;

1289d. he lives with the living as N. lives with the living.

1290a. O N., come, live thy life there, in thy name, in thy time,

1290b. in these years, which are to be peaceful, according to (?) thy wish.

Utterance 536.

1291a. To say: Thy water belongs to thee, thine abundance belongs to thee, thine efflux comes out of Osiris to thee.

1291b. The double doors of heaven are open for thee; the double doors of Nut are open for thee;

1291c. the double doors of heaven are open for thee; the double doors of ?b?.w are open for thee.

1292a. "Welcome," says Isis; "(come) in peace," says Nephthys, when they see their brother.

1292b. Raise thyself up;

1292c. untie thy bandages; shake off thy dust.

1293a. Sit thou upon this thy firm throne.

1293b. Thou art pure with thy four nms.t-jars and thy four ’?b.t-jars,

1293c. which come for thee out of thy chapel of natron, which were filled for thee in the natron lake,

1293d. and which Horus of Nekhen has given thee.

1294a. He has given to thee his spirits, the jackals,

1294b. like (to) Horus who is in his house, like (to) ?nti (Osiris) chief of the mighty.

1294c. A durable offering is made for thee.

1295a. Anubis, chief of the s?-ntr, has commanded that thou come in as a star, as god of the morning (or, as god of the morning star),

1295b. that thou pass through the region of Horus of the South and that thou pass through the region of Horus of the North.

1296a. (And) men will construct with their arms a stairway to thy throne.

1296b. He comes to thee his father; he comes to thee Geb.

1297a. Do for him that which thou hast done for his brother, Osiris,

1297b. on this day of thy feast, the water being full (i. e. at inundation),

1297c. when (his) bones are counted, when (his) sandals are repaired,

1297d. when his nails, upper and lower, are cleaned for him,

1297e. There will come to him (people of) the Upper Egyptian ’itr.t-palace and of the northern ’itr.t-palace, bowing --.

Utterance 537.

11298a. To say: O N., arise, sit thou on the throne of Osiris;

1298b. thy flesh is complete like (that of) Atum; thy face like (that of) a jackal.

1299a. Give thou thy mouth to Re‘.

1299b. He congratulates thee on what thou hast said; he praises thy words.

1299c. Arise; thou ceasest not to be; thou perishest not.

1300a. Live, N., thy mother Nut lays hold of thee, she unites her. self with thee;

1300b. Geb seizes thine arm. "Thou comest in peace," say thy fathers.

1300c. Thou art possessed of thy body; thou art clothed in thy body.

1301a. Thou ascendest like Horus of the D?.t, chief of the imperishable stars;

1301b. thou sittest upon thy firm throne at the head of thy canal of ?b?.w;

1301c. thou livest as the coleoptera (lives); thou endurest as the dd, eternally.

Utterance 538.

1302a. To say: Back, thou lowing ox.

1302b. Thy head is in the hand of Horus; thy tail is in the hand of Isis;

1302c. the fingers of Atum are at thy horns.



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