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By Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer

Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 540-552

Utterance 540.

1328a. To say: N. comes to thee, his father; he comes to thee, Osiris.

1328b. He has brought to thee this thy ka; how wonderful it is!

1328c. His mother Nut has punished him who shines on her forehead.

1329a. ?tmw.t has raised thee up;

1329b. thy mouth is opened by Šs?, chief of the city of Šn‘.t;

1329c. thy mouth is opened by Dw?-wr in the house of gold;

1329d. [thy mouth] is opened by the tt.wi which are before the house of natron;

1330a. thy mouth is opened by Horus with his little finger,

1330b. with which he opened the mouth of his father, with which he opened the mouth of Osiris.

1331a. N. is thy son; N. is Horus;

1331b. N. is the beloved son of his father, in this his name of "Son whom he loves."

1332a. Thou art purified: thou art dried. Thy clothing is given (to thee),

1332b. thy thousand of alabaster (vessels), thy thousand of garments,

1332c. which N. has brought to thee, that he might clothe thee therewith.

Utterance 541.

1333a. To say: Children of Horus,

1333b. ??pi, Dw?-mu.t.f, ’Ims.ti, ?b?-sn.w.f,

1333c. protect life for your father, Osiris N.

1333d. from the time that he is given his endurance (or, that he endure) among the gods.

1334a. Smite Set, protect this Osiris N. from him before the earth is brightened.

1334b. Horus is powerful; he himself will avenge this his father, Osiris N.

1334c. The father has caused that you honour him.

Utterance 542.

1335a. To say: It is Horus; he is come to reclaim his father, Osiris N.;

1335b. he has proclaimed a royal (death) decree in the places of Anubis--everyone recognizing it, he shall not live.

1336a. Thot, spare not any among those who wronged the king;

1336b. Thot, hasten that thou mayest see (grasp) this; O father (Thot), announce to him his (death) decree.

Utterance 543.

1337a. To say: Bring (him) to this Osiris N.

1337b. Osiris N., he who killed thee is brought to thee; let him not escape from thee.

1337c. Osiris N., he who killed thee is brought to thee; perform his execution.

1337d. Osiris N., he who killed thee is brought to thee, cut (him) in three.

Utterance 544.

1338a. To say: Children of Horus, go to this Osiris N.;

1338b. Children of Horus, hurry, put yourselves under this Osiris N.; let there be none among you who shall withdraw.

1338c. Carry him.

Utterance 545.

1339a. To say: Osiris N., he who killed thee is brought to thee; cut (him) up; perform his execution.

1339b. Children of Horus,

1339c. ??pi, Dw?-mu.t.f, ’Ims.ti, ?b?-sn.w.f,

1340a. carry your father, this Osiris N.; lead him.

1340b. Osiris, N., make thy endurance; open thy mouth; stand up.

Utterance 546.

1341a. To say: I am Nut; bring to (me) Osiris N.,

1341b. give him to (me), that I may embrace him.

Utterance 547.

1342a. To say: O father, Osiris N., I betake myself to thee;

1342b. Osiris N., approach thyself to (me).

Utterance 548.

1343a. To say: The mouth of the earth opens for Osiris N.; Geb said to him:

1343b. "N. is great like a king, mighty like Re‘."

1343c. "Come in peace," say the Two Enneads to N.

1343d. The eastern door of heaven is open for him, to the abode of kas.

1344a. The great Nut gives her arms to him, she of the long horn, she of the protruding breast.

1344b. She will nurse N.; she will not wean him.

1345a. She takes him to herself to heaven, she does not cast him down to the earth.

1345b. She makes this N. remain as chief of the two ’itr.t-palaces.

1345c. He descends into the boat like Re‘, on the shores of the Winding Watercourse.

1346a. N. rows in the ?nbw-boat,

1346b. where he takes the helm, towards the field of the two lower heavens,

1346c. to the beginning of this land of the Marsh of Reeds.

1347a. His arm is taken by Re‘; his head is raised up by Atum;

1347b. his forward cable is taken by Isis; his stern cable is seized by Nephthys.

1348a. ?b?.w.t places him at her side, and puts him among the ?nti.w-š,

1348b. as the herdsmen of (his) calves.

Utterance 549.

1349a. To say: Back, B?bwi, red-eared, with coloured hind-quarters,

1349b. pass thou the cutlet, from thy chapel (or, of thy lady), over thy mouth.

Utterance 550.

1350a. To say: Back, Km-wr,

1350b. glide away in Babylon (Hri-‘??), in the place where they glided (i.e. fell).

Utterance 551.

1351a. To say: Open, Frontier (?), open --- as its (?) barrier inclines;

1351b. back, Rw-??.t; retreat P?.wi,

1351c. let thou (me) pass by, the passing by of a god.

Utterance 552.

1352. To say: I am alive, says N., for ever.



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