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By Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer

Texts of Miscellaneous Contents, Utterances 602-605

Utterance 602.

1672a. To say by the Earth, by Geb, by Osiris, by Anubis, by Wr-?b:

1672b. Make N. festive at the Feast of Horus.

1672c. Let him who is among the falcons hasten to the ka of N., who is ?mmi.

1673a. Open for N. his eyes, open for him his nose;

1673b. open for N. his mouth, open for him his ears;

1673c. make prosperous for N. his two plumes.

1674a. Let N. be allowed to pass, by the god,

1674b. filled with the force of the winds.

1674c. After you have eaten this, N. will find what is left by you.

1674d. Give the remainder to N.; behold, he is come.

Utterance 603.

1675a. (N. Jéquier, VII 709 + 40). To say: Lift thyself up, father N.; fasten to thee thy head; take to thee thy limbs;

1675b. (N. VII 709 + 40). lift thyself up upon thy feet; follow thy heart.

1675c. Thy runners hasten; thy messengers rush on behind;

1676a. thy herald of the horizon comes; Anubis approaches thee;

1676b. ?tp gives his arm to thee; the gods desire (or, rejoice) ----

1676c (N. VII 709 + 40: Thot comes in his dignity of spirit to the Two Enneads.

1676c + 1 (N. VII 709 + 42). He ferried over the lake; h[e] avoided the D?.t

1677a. -----------------------------------

1677b. ----------------------- with this mighty one who endures each day.

1678a. He comes that he may govern the cities, that he may rule over the settlements,

1678b. that he may command those who are in Nun

1678c. sitting, to him --------------

1679a. -------------------------------------

1679b. ---------------- he rests alive in the West (or, he is satisfied in living in the West),

1679c. among the Followers of Re‘, who make the way of twilight mount up.

Utterance 604.

1680a. To say: Raise thyself up, father, N., the great; sit before them;

1680b. the apertures of the (heavenly) windows are open for thee;

1680c. broad are thy steps of light;

1680d. this is said to thee, father N. To say: O! Ho!'

Utterance 605.

1681a. To say: Father N., I am come; I bring to thee the green cosmetic;

1681b. I am come; I bring to thee the green cosmetic, which Horus put on Osiris.

1682a. I put thee on my father N., as Horus put thee on his father Osiris,

1682b. when (or, as) Horus filled his empty eye with his full eye.



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