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By Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer

The Death, Resurrection, and Spiritualization of the King, Utterance 670

Utterance 670.

1972. To say: The double doors of heaven are open; the double doors of the bows are open.

1973a. The gods in Buto were filled with compassion, when they came to Osiris N.,

1973b. [at the voice of we]eping of Isis and at the lamentation of Nephthys,

1973c. at the wailing of these two spirits

1973d. [for this Great One who comes forth] from the D?.t.

1974a. The Souls of Buto dance for thee;

1974b. they beat their flesh for thee; they hit their arms for thee;

1974c. they dishevel their hair for thee;

1974d. they smite their legs for thee.

1975a. They say to thee, Osiris N., "thou art gone, thou art come;

1975b. thou art asleep, [thou art awake]; thou art [dead (lit. thou landest)], thou art alive.

1976a. Stand up, see that which thy son has done for thee;

1976b. awake, hear [that which] Horus [has done for] thee.

1977a. He has beaten for thee him who beats thee, li[ke an ox];

1977b. he has killed for thee him who kills thee, like a wild-bull;

1977c. he has bound for thee him who binds thee;

1977d. he has put him under thy great daughter who is in ?dm,

1978a. so that mourning ceased in the two ’itr.t-palaces of the gods."

1978b. Osiris speaks to Horus:

1978c. After he had exterminated the evil [which was in N. on] his fourth day,

1978d. after he had annulled that which he did against him on his eighth [day].

1979a. [Thou hast come forth] from the lake of life; [thou art] purified [in the lake of] ?b?.w,

1979b. and art become Wepwawet; and thy son Horus conducts thee,

1979c. when he has given to thee the gods, thine enemies, and Thot has brought them to thee.

1980a. How beautiful indeed is the sight, how agreeable is the view, the sight of Horus,

1980b. in that he gave life to his father, [in that he offered] satisfaction to Osiris,

1980c. before the gods of the west!

1981a. Thy libation is poured by Isis, [Nephthys has purified thee]--

1981b. [thy two sisters] great and powerful, who collected thy flesh,

1981c. who bound together thy limbs, who made thy two eyes to appear in thy face--

11982a. the boat of the evening and the boat of the morning,

1982b. Atum has given to thee, and the Two Enneads have made for thee.

1983a. The children of thy child have raised thee up, perfect--

1983b. ??pi, ’Ims.ti, Dw?-mu.t-f, ?b?-sn.w.f,

1983c. who made for thee [their] names [into tt.wi],

1983d. [who washed thy face], [who dried] thy tears,

1983e. who opened thy mouth with their copper (or, iron) fingers.

1984a. Thou mountest, thou mountest towards the broad-hall of Atum;

1984b. thou marchest towards the Marsh of Reeds;

1984c. thou voyagest over the places of the great god.

1985a. To thee heaven is given, to thee the earth is given, to thee the Marsh of Reeds is given,

1985b. [by] the two great gods who row thee over-

1985c. Shu and Tefnut, the two great gods of Heliopolis.

1986a. The awakening [of the god], [the rising of the god],

1986b. [for this spirit, who ascends from] the D?.t, (even) Osiris N. who ascends from Geb.



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