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By Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer

The Deceased King on Earth and in Heaven Utterance 610

Utterance 610.

1710a. To say: Wake up for Horus; stand up before Set;

1710b. raise thyself up, eldest son of Geb,

1710c. before whom the Two Enneads tremble.

1711a. (The keeper) of the palace stands up before thee, so that the three beginnings (of the divisions of the year) may be celebrated for thee.

1711b. Thou dawnest on the (first of the) month; thou purifiest thyself on the day of the new-moon.

1711c. The great mni.t (-stake) mourns for him,

1711d. as for "Thee who standest without being tired," who resides in Abydos.

1712a. Earth, hear that which the gods have spoken, what Horus says as he spiritualizes his father,

1712b. like Horus-?? and like Min (or, Amun),

1712c. like Seker who is at the head of Pdw-š.

1713a. The earth speaks to thee: "The door of Aker is open for thee; the double doors of Geb are open for thee.

1713b. Thou goest forth at the voice (of Anubis), for he has spiritualized thee,

1713c. like Thot, (or) like Anubis, prince of the court of justice (or, divine court),

1714a. that thou mayest judge, that thou mayest lean upon the Two Enneads,

1714b. who are between the two sceptres, in this thy dignity of spirit, commanded by the gods to be in thee.

1715a. If thou goest, Horus goes; if thou speakest, Set speaks;

1715b. if thy step be hindered, the step of the gods will be hindered.

1716a. Thou approachest the lake; thou advancest to the t? wr, the Thinite nome;

1716b. thou passest through Abydos, in this thy dignity of spirit., commanded by the gods to be in thee.

1717a. A ramp is trodden for thee to the D?.t to the place where S?? is.

1717b. The ox of heaven seizes thine arm;

1717c. thou nourishest thyself with the food of the gods.

1718a. The odour of Ddwn is on thee, the Upper Egyptian Youth, who is come from Nubia;

1718b. he gives thee the incense wherewith the gods cense themselves.

1719a. The two children (twins?) of the king of Lower Egypt have given birth to thee--

1719b. (they) who are on (his) head, (he) the lord of the great crown.

1719c. Re‘ calls to thee out of the ’iskn of heaven,

1719d. as the jackal (god), nome-governor (of the Bows), the Two Enneads,

1719e. as Horus who presides over his, abode (or thigh-offering).

1719f. He appoints thee as the morning star (lit. god of the morning) in the midst of the Marsh of Reeds.

1720a. The portal of heaven is open for thee towards the horizon;

1720b. the heart of the gods rejoice at thy approach,

1720c. as a star which ferries over the ocean which is under the underpart of Nut,

1720d. in this, thy dignity issuing from the mouth of Re‘.

1721a. Thou sittest upon this thy firm throne, like the Great One who is in Heliopolis;

1721b. thou leadest the spirits (spiritualized ones); thou satisfiest the imperishable stars.

1722a. Thine abundance is in that herb in which the gods, abound,

1722b. and on which the spirits nourish themselves;

1722c. thine eyes are opened by the earth, thy limbs are gathered up by the lord of (Sbw.t) the rebel city.

1723a. Raise thyself up (like) ?nti-?m (chief of Letopolis),

1723b. when the great bread and this wine-like water were given to him.

1723c. The ’im?-trees serve thee, the nbs-tree, bows its head to thee;

1723d. a royal offering will be given to thee, such as Anubis will do for thee.



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