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By Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer

The Resurrection, Ascension, and Reception of the Deceased King in Heaven, Utterance 606

Utterance 606.

1683a. To say: Arise for me, father; stand up for me, Osiris N.

1683b. It is I; I am thy son; I am Horus.

1684a. I have come to thee, that I may purify thee, that I may cleanse thee,

1684b. that I may revivify thee, that I may assemble for thee thy bones,

1684c. that I may collect for thee thy flesh, that I may assemble for thee thy dismembered limbs,

1685a. for I am as Horus his avenger, I have smitten for thee him who smote thee;

1685b. I have avenged thee, father Osiris N., on him who did thee evil.

1686a. I have come to thee by order of ?rw;

1686b. (for) he has appointed thee, father Osiris N., (to be) upon the throne of Re‘-Atum,

1686c. that thou mayest lead the blessed dead(?).

1687a. Thou shalt embark into the boat of Re‘, in which the gods love to ascend,

1687b. in which the gods love to descend, in which Re‘ is rowed to the horizon;

1687c. N. shall embark into it, like Re‘.

1688a. Thou shalt seat thyself upon this throne of Re‘, that thou mayest command the gods,

1688b. for thou art indeed Re‘, who comes forth from Nut, who gives birth to Re‘ every day.

1688c. N. is born every day like Re‘.

1689a. Take to thyself the heritage of thy father Geb before the corporation of the Ennead in Heliopolis.

1689b. "Who is equal to him?",

1689c. say the Two great and mighty Enneads who are at the head of the Souls of Heliopolis.

1690a. These two great and mighty gods have appointed thee

1690b. --those who are chiefs of the Marsh of Reeds--upon the throne of ?rw,

1690c. as their eldest son;

1691a. they placed Shu at thy left (east side), Tefnut at thy right (west side),

1691b. Nun before thee (at thy south side), Nnt behind thee (at thy north side);

1692a. they lead thee to these their places, beautiful and pure,

1692b. which they made for Re‘ when they placed him upon their thrones (his throne).

1693a. N., they make thee live,

1693b. so that thou mayest surpass the years of Horus of the horizon,

1693c. when they make thy (for "his") name, "Withdraw not thyself from the gods."

1694a. They recite for thee this chapter, which they recited for Re‘-Atum who shines every day;

1694b. they have appointed N. to their thrones (his throne)

1694c. at the head of every Ennead, as Re‘ and as his deputy.

1695a. They cause N. to come into being as Re‘, in this, his name of "Khepri."

1695b. Thou mountest to them as Re‘, in this his name of "Re‘";

1695c. thou turnest back again from their face as Re‘, in this his name of "Atum."

1696a. The Two Enneads shall rejoice, O father;

1696b. when thou approachest, O father, Osiris N., they say:

1696c. "Our; brother is come to us."

1696d. The Two Enneads say to Osiris N.: "King, Osiris N.,

1697a. one of us is come to us."

1697b. The Two Enneads say to thee: "King, Osiris N.,

1698a. the eldest son of his father is come to us."

1698b. The Two Enneads say to thee: "King, Osiris N.,

1698c. he is the eldest son of his mother."

1698d. The Two Enneads say to thee: "King, Osiris N.,

1699a. he to whom evil was done by his brother Set comes to us."

1699b. The Two Enneads say:

1699c. "And we shall not permit that Set be delivered from carrying thee for ever, king, Osiris N."

1699d. The Two Enneads say to thee: "King, Osiris N.,

1700. raise thyself up, king, Osiris N.; thou livest."



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