The Truth About Madame Blavatsky.

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The Truth About Madame Blavatsky.

By Walter A. Carrithers


Priestess of the Occult cites the testimony of W. W. Rockhill as proof that the existence of a great Tibetan brotherhood of Initiates is a hashish pipe dream. Tibetan lamas are supposed to have assured him that no such order of Sages now exists and that "...not even the wisest and most revered among them possessed such [super physical] power today..." (Priestess of the Occult, p. 30.)

If the lamas told Rockhill that, they must have had good reasons for resenting his profane snooping into their private affairs. H.P.B. declared more than sixty years ago that no lama would ever admit a curious infidel into their secrets and sanctuaries -- no Gelugpa would do meipo or magic for the profane, or beyond the precincts of the lamasery. One lama, perhaps only a little less ignorant than those he professes to teach, could reveal nothing. Another, if he be an Initiated Lama, would not!

That Rockhill, or anyone else, has failed to find Madame Blavatsky’s Adepts in Tibet is proof of nothing. One of these Masters himself wrote, "Those whom we desire to know us will find us at the very frontiers. (Others) ... would not find us were they to go to L’hassa with an army!" (14)  Rockhill’s "evidence" is as assumptive and as worthless as most of the other "authoritative facts" you cite. A much more reliable witness, an eminent man of science, an Honorary Director of the American Museum of Natural History, that great Asia explorer, Dr. Roy Chapman Andrews, personally saw the Chief of Tibet’s Gelugpa Lamas, spiritual leader of 150,000,000 Buddhists, perform an act of apparent Magic before thousands in Peking, China, 1926.

His Holiness, the Tashi Lama, on his aforementioned tour of China, was implored by the native priests to "bring down rain by his Magic" and end a withering drought that had gripped the country-side for five months. After extended entreaties, He at last reluctantly consented to the plea; promising that if it did not rain within the forthcoming two weeks he would appear in public at high noon on the fourteenth day and promptly incite rain. At the end of the prescribed period there was no sign of rain, the land was dying and sweltering under an even more torrid heat. Dr. Andrews recalls the amusement of the foreign wiseacres when the Tashi Lama mounted a Buddhist altar before expectant thousands and, beneath a blazing sun, invoked the rain gods. Not a cloud in the sky -- but four hours later the streets of Peking were showered with rivers of water, breaking one of the most prolonged droughts in its history!! (15)

Priestess of the Occult makes no mention of this whatever, curiously enough! Not even the most modern-equipped meteorological observatory in the world could duplicate the feat of this Tibetan Adept (16) if it even were a simple case of anticipation of foreknowledge! Here is proof for the most discriminative -- but not for your book, "carefully" documented as it is!



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