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The Way of Initiation

By Rudolf Steiner

There is a common belief that is held by many students of the occult and the esoteric, that initiation is the beginning of one’s spiritual path. The traditional definitions and etymology of the word “initiation” would certainly seem to support such a belief. It is interesting to note, therefore, that Rudolf Steiner saw initiation as occupying a much later stage of spiritual development. In Steiner’s view, initiation exemplified the culmination of a period of spiritual work and was the reward of tireless discipleship. This is contrary to today’s commonly held notions of initiation and presents a much more rigorous view of the work required to attain to the knowledge of higher worlds. In Steiner’s work, The Way of Initiation, spiritual life is said to begin as a commitment to discipleship. Discipleship is not merely service to external authority but is comprised of and requires intense physical, mental and emotional discipline. These two words, “disciple” and “discipline,” are inexorably intertwined as one depends entirely upon the other. If you are interested in learning more about the process and workings of “Initiation,” this book is for you.

Title Page
The Personality of Rudolf Steiner and His Development
Chapter I. The Superphysical World and Its Gnosis
Chapter II. How to Attain Knowledge of the Higher Worlds
Chapter III. The Path of Discipleship
Chapter IV. Probation
Chapter V. Enlightenment
Chapter VI. Initiation
Chapter VII. The Higher Education of the Soul
Chapter VIII. The Conditions of Discipleship



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