Theosophy An Introductory Study Course

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Theosophy An Introductory Study Course

By John Algeo

With clear and helpful diagrams, covers: An Explanation of Theosophy; The Plan and Purpose of Life; Man and His Bodies; Life After Death; and Reincarnation and Karma, the Monad and the Ego; The Question of Evil; Civilization; and The Ancient Wisdom in the Modern World. Based on a course originally compiled by Emogene Simons of the American Section and later revised by John Algeo.  

What Is Theosophy?
Theosophy and the Theosophical Society.
Theosophy As Religion
Theosophy As Science
Theosophy As Philosophy
Some Fundamental Concepts Of Theosophy
Chapter 2. The Ancient Wisdom In The Modern World
The International And National Societies
The American Societys Activities
Parallel Organizations
Chapter 3. Universal Brotherhood


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