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Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Vol. 3

By G.R.S. Mead

This, the third and final part of G.R.S. Meads' collection of Hermetic literature focuses on the residual texts known from second- and third- hand references. Many of the longer fragments are gleaned from Stobaeus, a fifth century CE late pagan anthologizer of Greek literature. The remainder come from the early Church Fathers, embedded in polemics and doctrinal discussions. This volume closes with the invaluable series index, which spans all three volumes.

Title Page
Excerpt I. Of Piety and True Philosophy
Excerpt II. Of the Ineffability of God
Excerpt III. Of Truth
Excerpt IV. God, Nature and the Gods
Excerpt V. Of Matter
Excerpt VI. Of Time
Excerpt VII. Of Bodies Everlasting and Bodies Perishable
Excerpt VIII. Of Energy and Feeling
Excerpt IX. Of the Decans and the Stars
Excerpt X. Concerning the Rule of Providence, Necessity and Fate
Excerpt XI. Of Justice
Excerpt XII. Of Providence and Fate
Excerpt XIII. Of the Whole Economy
Excerpt XIV. Of Soul, I.
Excerpt XV. Of Soul, II.
Excerpt XVI. Of Soul, III.
Excerpt XVII. Of Soul, IV.
Excerpt XVIII. Of Soul, V.
Excerpt XIX. Of Soul, VI.
Excerpt XX. The Power of Choice
Excerpt XXI. Of Isis to Horus
Excerpt XXII. An Apophthegm
Excerpt XXIII. From “Aphrodite”
Excerpt XXIV. A Hymn of the Gods
Excerpt XXV. The Virgin of the World, I.
Excerpt XXVI. The Virgin of the World, II.
Excerpt XXVII. From the Sermon of Isis to Horus
Chapter I. Justin Martyr
Chapter II. Athenagoras
Chapter III. Clement of Alexandria
Chapter IV. Tertullian
Chapter V. Cyprian
Chapter VI. Arnobius
Chapter VII. Lactantius
Chapter VIII. Augustine
Chapter IX. Cyril of Alexandria
Chapter X. Suidas
Chapter XI. Anonymous
Chapter I. Zosimus
Chapter II. Jamblichus
Chapter II. Julian the Emperor
Chapter IV. Fulgentius the Mythographer
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