Tilak of Tibet Reveals Lifes Purpose

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Tilak of Tibet Reveals Lifes Purpose

By Ann Hackett

The Great Change

There appeared on the wall of the Chamber of the Great Potential, in letters of brightest light, the words: As a faithful servant you will attend the Conclave.

Tilak's Mentor appeared: "I have come for you."

Tilak bowed: "I am ready."

Tilak and his Mentor moved swiftly through space, covering a great distance. They descended and stood before a massive Temple. As they approached the wide Temple doors swung noiselessly open, and Tilak and his Mentor entered the great Temple. In the great hall of the Temple many had gathered, having been drawn from different parts of manifestation.

Before the assembled gathering stood the Great Hierarchy. Through the Hierarchy moved unknown powers.

The great hall became exceeding quiet. There appeared upon the wall a scene—a scene drawn from the Permanent Records. The scene represented that which had long before been enacted in earthly life.

The multitude saw presented the distant earthly past. Earthquakes shook the planet Earth, water rushed into lava-dug channels, volcanoes erupted and sent forth poisonous gasses. Beneath the waters sank a large continent—Atlantic. The people in adjoining continents rushed toward the mountain peaks, as though to escape the raging destruction—And then—calm. The face of the earth appeared as though reshapened. The remaining people were stunned.

A member of the Hierarchy spoke: "And thus passed a mighty continent, and a people that sought to control and direct the world; a people that sought to possess for one nation that which belonged to all nations.

"The people of Atlantic planned and strove for lives to become possessors of the world. To accomplish this destructive work the dwellers of Atlantic, for unnumbered lives, sacrificed all that was best. The greed of the people sank the Atlantic continent.

"Those of Atlantic that sought to hold aloft the greater teachings of antiquity had left the continent before the destruction. These remaining people found a home in the land of dark earth—Egypt. There the people reared temples in which to preserve the Ancient Teachings—the teachings that belonged to all before the all descended from higher conditions; descended from a pristine state and plunged into the close confines of earthly bodies; and became bound to the wheel of birth and death in earthly conditions."

On the wall appeared another ancient scene, drawn from the Permanent Records. The scene revealed the building of a Pyramid; the carving of a Sphinx. Before the partly finished Pyramid stood an old man, an Atlantean—the architect of the Pyramid. Within the old man had appeared the plan of the Pyramid; a plan that was to represent the past and future in stone. Within the Pyramid were to be chambers wherein those prepared and qualified could receive and carry forward the Sacred Teachings. The Sacred Teachings are carried forward in no other way in earthly conditions. Only unto those that could receive the Sacred Teachings were the Sacred Teachings given. It is only those individual beings that can retain the higher while moving in the lower that are the fitting channels for That which is eternal.

When the Great Pyramid was completed, and the Sphinx was carved, the highly polished surfaces reflected the light. The upper part of the Sphinx, the part representing human life, reflected the color violet. The lower part of the Sphinx, representing animal life, reflected the color red. Between the violet and the red moved the spectrum of earthly existence.

The Pyramid reflected white, symbolizing Law—A white light cannot be divided; only reflected.

A member of the Hierarchy spoke: "The Flame of the Highest cannot throw light upon the earth unless the Flame of the Highest has been enkindled in the dweller of the earth. When no dwellers of the earth can enkindle this Holy Flame, the earth will be visited. by a Great Change. This Great Change will bring to pass a new beginning for all that require earthly bodies. Only those require earthly bodies who cannot receive That which ever Is."

Another scene revealed applicants for the Sacred Teachings; applicants that had come to Egypt from every land. On the plains near the Pyramid and Sphinx the applicants gathered, waiting a call from the High Priest of the Pyramid. Few were called.

Throughout the world great nations again appeared. Pompous cities were erected. Between the nations was much trading. Gold began to flow into the coffers of the Temple, and into the large boxes of the merchants. Each man believed himself a potential priest or merchant.

Egypt waxed fat. Other nations envied Egypt's wealth. Merchants became sharper in their dealings. The populace sought but earthly gain.

Within a chamber in the Great Pyramid sat an old man. The old man was the Keeper of the Secret Passages. Before the old man stood a younger man; an applicant for admission to the Pyramid Rites. The young man had come from a distant land.

The old man was speaking: "Seeker of the Sacred Heritage, art thou willing to undergo the many tests?"

"I am," replied the younger man.

"The way is long and rough."

"I am well-shod with virtue," replied the young man.

"A custodian of the Ancient Wisdom assumes an eternal responsibility—a responsibility that can never be put aside."

"I would assume that responsibility, most honored Priest."

"Thy name?"


"Thou art accepted, Plato, as a neophyte."

For over twenty years Plato dwelt with the Keepers of the Sacred Script.

A member of the Hierarchy spoke: "Few were qualified to receive That which is beyond all price. Often but one member of a great nation was given the supreme responsibility of sustaining in earthly conditions that which holds together every manifesting particle.

"The populace of the many nations listened to the carriers of the Higher Purpose, but heeded not the teaching. The populace of the many nations was fast sinking into the decay of physical gain. The populace listened but to the cry of earthly possession, earthly power, and earthly fame. The very particles covering the world's populace reeked with poison. The carriers of the Sacred Teachings were forced to hide in caves lest the multitude rend them.

"Mighty stone and marble temples were reared. From these temples issued false teachings. The priests of these temples used the teachings for personal gain, for personal power. The soul of the world hungered."

Another scene appeared, an unrolling vista. Around the earth was seen a growing widening band, with roots sunk in the peoples of the world. This extending widening band moved from East to West, and appeared to follow the sun. Whenever the band appeared to pause a nation sprang into being and became the center of world activities. The band had paused over Egypt, Phoenicia, Babylonia, Assyria, Greece, Rome, Spain, England—and now it hovered over the Americas.

Each great nation but repeated the follies and vices of the preceding nations, until the earth ran red—the very earth seemed to run to powder; a powder exceeding fine.

Each great nation betrayed the surrounding trusting nations. At each betrayal blood covered the earth as a crimson torrent, and sank into the bowels of the earth as though to hide.

Again a member of the Hierarchy spoke: "What leads man to battle, to destruction?—Lust is both the leader and that which is led. Can a man contain strife and keep from a battlefield? It is the strife in men that battles. War and rapine remove not themselves from the earth, when war and rapine find many outlets. War is man embracing the beast within himself. Those that incite to war, and those that are incited to war, are walking the same blood-drenched path. Peace is not something isolated from the ken of men. Peace is something that moves through men, or it does not appear upon the earth. The foul root of all wars is greed. War reveals the hidden vices in the people of the world."


The Great Leader of the Hierarchy addressed the Assembly: "Man has failed. That greater than man takes up the neglected work. The human beings that cover the earth have become enamored of their physical bodies. So deeply have human beings thrust themselves into earthly life that nothing can reach them that does not issue from earthly conditions. The enmeshed human beings tear at one another, would deprive one another of earthly things upon which their entire being is centered. So likewise is it with continents and nations. When such a condition exists in earthly life, and completely hides the purpose of earthly existence, the earth is rent asunder, and all that are sunk in the dregs of self-abasement are removed. This is the Law of Manifestation. This will come to pass.

"It is only when a continent or a nation is receiving nothing from the higher conditions that the peoples of the continent or nation turn against one another, destroy one another, destroy what they have physically reared. This destruction brings famine and pestilence. This period of great destruction brings to pass a Great Change. The great destruction demands that innumerable human beings, human beings that refuse to receive a single ray of the Higher Light, be removed from the earth."

A picture appeared on the great wall: Eternal

Justice moved across the Earth planet. The earth belched fire; the lands shook—millions of human beings were deprived of physical bodies. The mighty river of blood that had sunk to the earth's core turned and became an ineffable power—a power with unnumbered arms reaching to those upon the earth that had contributed to the mighty river—reached and drew those human beings that had sent their power down into the depths of Hell.

When the powers from the center of the earth had spent the force given to these powers by man, over the earth spread a great calm—spread a calm as a protecting blanket to those human beings remaining on the earth.

Those remaining on the earth became receptive to the Higher Light. Into the keeping of the remaining human beings was given the rebuilding of a New Earth.

The human beings remaining cleared the earth of that destroyed. Funeral pyres were erected, and to their all-consuming flames were given the earthly bodies of those human beings who had shut out the Directing Light.

A member of the Hierarchy spoke: "When the Change moves across the earth we will send legions to receive those being torn from garment; human beings that must wait in the nether space until they have prepared themselves to trod the New Earth."

The wall revealed a scene following the Greatest of Changes. There was heard a rustle, as though of a thousand silken wings. From the Great Space poured teeming millions, singing paeans to the liberation of all souls. Many of the singers were to inhabit the earth. Again there would be the sweet Spring. Again the laughing Summer. Again the Golden Harvest. Again the quiet Winter. THE WORLD WOULD BE AT PEACE.


The Mentor returned with Tilak to the Chamber of the Great Potential.

The Mentor stood in the center of the Chamber and addressed Tilak: "You have heard and witnessed that which by a Higher Law is reserved for those that can receive. It is the Law that moves through each that has the power. When a soul is heavily covered with varying particles, the soul is limited in the use of the Great Power that moves through the soul. It is the soul's responsibility to remove all that stands between itself and the Great Prompter. In this task souls have failed, and have permitted their pristine form to become heavily covered and enslaved in conditions that reduces everything that the soul uses.

"A few in every millennium have kept freed from the influence of the grosser covering. These few have kept the Great Light still operative in earthly life. To accomplish this, these few have been forced to operate in isolated parts of the world; often being in high altitudes, as you have, my neophyte Tilak, in the Chamber of the Great Potential.

"The Change, the Mighty Change, will appear in earthly conditions during a second great war—a war in which the entire world will be engaged. It is then that the 'great invisible band' will appear over the Americas. The Americas will have betrayed the trust placed in them by surrounding nations, and will first feel the need for change.

"While the armies of the world are fighting the Great Forces will prepare to remove all from earthly conditions that cannot receive a semblance of the Great Light. This is the Law, Tilak. The Law moves through manifestation to bring all back to a just balance; a balance lost far in the most distant past."

Tilak spoke: "Much is needed, my Mentor, on the earth below. This I discover every day and every night—yet the calls for higher sufferance become fewer as the days pass."

"In one thousand years, Tilak my neophyte, the Earth Change will have come and will have accomplished its purpose. A New Herald will be seen in the Heavens—the Emerald Star. This will be the assurance to all in earthly life that Justice has been reestablished on the earth below; that the descent of all has ceased; and that the all will again move upward, returning from whence they came."

"I have seen the Emerald Star, great Teacher—small and bright."

"The Star will increase in size at the change period, and will ever be for the dwellers of the earth a beacon of encouragement."

"We have not quite a thousand years to work, my Teacher."

"Not quite a thousand years—We will bend every effort, my pupil, to sustain those in greater purpose; those that can receive a semblance of the Guiding Light."

"What a privilege, O Mentor, to serve the Law, and know, and feel, in every part, that we are servants of That All Knowing."

"The greater the servant, my pupil, the greater the realization of the Holy Purpose moving in manifestation; the Holy Purpose that places all things before all souls, that all souls will ultimately know themselves and be free."

The Mentor left the Chamber of the Great Potential.

Tilak knelt in prayer to the Majesty of Law.



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