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Varieties Of Psychism


Foreword by Annie Besant

Mr. Wedgwood has performed a very useful public service by writing this thoughtful and careful manual on psychism. There is so much ignorance and so much loose thought and loose writing on the subject, that a sober and considered statement thereon is very welcome, and the late General Secretary of the Theosophical Society in England and Wales here gives us such a statement. Psychism is too often the subject of sweeping generalisations, all-approving or all-condemning; it is either divine or demoniacal. In this little book it is treated with common sense, as an evolutionary extension of our present faculties, with nothing supernatural about it, but an inevitable result of the evolutionary progress of the human race, carried on under inviolable laws.

We hope the booklet will have a very wide circulation, both inside and outside the Theosophical Society.


As to the nature of spirits and angels, this is neither unsearchable nor morbid;
but in a great part level to the human mind, on account of their affinity.
The knowledge of their nature, powers and illusions, appears from Scripture,
reason and experience, to be no small part of spiritual wisdom.

Francis Bacon




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