The Way of Service

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The Way of Service

By George S. Arundale

Chapter IV

— I —  DO not speak of others as you would not speak to them. — II —  THE only knowledge worth having is that which draws you nearer to your fellow men. — III —  YOU do not know more than others unless you love, and therefore serve, more than others. — IV —  THOSE who really know cannot be proud of their knowledge, for they know how ignorant they are. — V —  IF you are placed in authority over others, remember that while your position may gain for you their flattery, only your qualities will win their love. — VI —  WHEN you are among strangers think how you are to earn their goodwill rather than how to impress them with your own estimate of your importance. — VII —  THE worship of God lies in the service of His worlds. — VIII —  IF you are able to acknowledge your mistakes, people will gladly acknowledge your virtues. — IX —  IF you begin to feel proud of your influence, examine how far it is due to position and how far to character. Every person in a position of power has an influence of a certain kind. — X —  BE very careful not to favor persons at the expense of duty.



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"If I have seen further than
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